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grand Prive Online Casino is a Dutch casino and has 29 different branches, spread over all provinces of our country.

The grand Prive Online Casino locations are generally relatively small gambling halls, which is exactly in line with the living room feeling that owner JVH Gaming & Entertainment is central here.

Warmth, fun and a nice atmosphere are important keywords. All locations are designed to offer a nice afternoon or evening out.

The operator's offer only consists of gambling halls, although the name grand Prive Online Casino suggests otherwise.

It has been legally determined that only Holland Casino may use the name casino, but an exception has been made for gambling halls!



grand Prive Online Casino games

In the branches of grand Prive Online Casino you will find a range of different slot machines, including the best single and multi-players. How much and which exactly, that depends on the location.

It is the range that you actually find standard in every quality gambling hall in our country, including the most well-known and popular games. Most of them are slots by the way.

You can also go here for table games such as blackjack and roulette. However, you should take into account that taking a seat behind a real gaming table is not possible for the time being.

That is because in the USA only the Holland Casino are allowed to offer games with a croupier. Fortunately, you can still play table games to your heart's content, thanks to the fully automatic possibilities.

For a change, promotions and events are also regularly organized in the grand Prive Online Casino slot of your choice. These can also differ per location and visit.

For example, you can go to Groningen on a certain day for a game of bingo, while at the same time you can try your luck elsewhere during a poker tournament.

If you are afraid that the slot machine of your choice is just occupied when you visit grand Prive Online Casino, you can reserve it in advance.

Then ask the host or hostess of your preferred location about the possibilities.

grand Prive Online Casino slots

Slot enthusiasts can visit grand Prive Online Casino for, for example, the well-known classic slot machines.

You can easily recognize them by the symbols on them, such as cherries, BARs, 7s and Liberty Bells. Games that should not be missing in this regard are Simply Wild, Random Runner and Mega Hot.

A slot machine consists of various reels. These are usually 3-5, divided into several rows. So-called paylines run over this.

These are patterns on which an identical symbol combination must land in order to give you a cash prize.

For you it's just a matter of placing a bet and getting the wheels moving. If you have won the round, you will immediately receive the cash prize.

If you are less or not familiar with playing slots, you can always ask an employee for an explanation.

Mystery Jackpot

Every grand Prive Online Casino branch has a Mystery Jackpot. With this you can win a maximum of a few thousand euros.

You can visit the location of your choice to find out what the current stand is at a certain location. This information is missing on the grand Prive Online Casino website.

How to stand a chance of winning this progressive jackpot prize? Certain slot machines are linked to it.

So it can just happen that you unsuspectingly play a slot machine with a few cents bet, and then it turns out that you are the lucky winner of a pretty nice cash prize.

grand Prive Online Casino blackjack

Fancy a game of twenty one? Then you are dependent on taking a seat behind a blackjack slot machine.

So you don't play against a physical dealer, but you compete against the computer. That means you determine the pace of the game yourself.

Anyone can learn this immensely popular card game by the way. It works very simply.

Using the card values, your goal is to get exactly 21, or at least as close as possible. If your total value is higher than the dealer's but not more than 21, you win.

You will see a digital gaming table on which, after placing a bet in chips, two cards are dealt to you, the values ​​of which are immediately visible.

The dealer also gets two, but one of them is face up. After this it's your turn again. For example, you can now ask for an extra card, or “pass”.

In grand Prive Online Casino you can only play the 'standard' blackjack. In a live casino it is of course different where you can play game variants such as Power Blackjack or Infinite Blackjack.

grand Prive Online Casino roulette

Roulette is a game consisting of a roulette table, a roulette wheel and a ball. Here it is not a croupier who places the ball on the spinning wheel after everyone has chosen a bet.

This is done fully automatically, using air pressure. In terms of deployment options, there is a very wide choice, whereby many tactics can also be applied.

If you want to keep it as simple as possible with the chance of winning the largest possible prize, you bet on one number. For example, this can be your lucky number, the house number of your home or the day on which your cat's birthday is.

To maximize your chances of winning, it is best to bet on a 50/50 bet, such as red/black or even/odd. The price to be won with this is logically lower than the option mentioned above.

Roulette is only offered in the standard European variant in grand Prive Online Casino. For variants like Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette you will have to try your luck online!

grand Prive Online Casino poker

Although poker is a game of chance, it's not all about luck here. You largely determine the chance of winning by using a portion of bluffing.

If you can put on a poker face like no other and you master the game rules down to the last detail, then it is possible to join grand Prive Online Casino to play this lucrative card game.

Unfortunately, you can't standard use physical tables with croupier to show your talent and knowledge

You are dependent on organized promotional poker tournaments in addition to the available machines. You can read about where and when these take place on the grand Prive Online Casino website.

For this you register online, or register with an employee at the relevant branch. If you are a little good, you can win up to a few hundred euros with it.

Every poker player receives 2 cards in the beginning, these are the hole cards. It is important that you shield it from your opponents.

Then 5 cards are also placed on the table, the community cards. They are visible to everyone.

You work towards the goal of getting your hands on the best poker hand, such as a Royal Flush.

grand Prive Online Casino locations

Loyalty program

None of grand Prive Online Casino's branches have a loyalty program. So you can't save for free play money or gifts using a player card.

grand Prive Online Casino regularly organizes promotions in which everyone can participate for free. You must then meet the condition that you are a paid player of their slot machines, so do not only come for these organized promotions.

In terms of type of actions, you can think of the Golden Hours, with which you can win prizes by popping balloons, or receiving scratch cards.

Or how about participating in exciting lotteries or Kraak de Kluis? You can read all about the current promotions on the website.

In addition, they regularly post fun contests on their social media accounts. In short, there is no shortage of variety at grand Prive Online Casino.

The absence of a loyalty program actually fits in well with the living room atmosphere that they would like to create at grand Prive Online Casino.
Everyone enjoys the same benefits here and no one is more special than the other.

grand Prive Online Casino Online

You can't gamble online on the grand Prive Online Casino website at the moment and the chance is nil anyway that you will encounter grand Prive Online Casino as an online casino.

JHV Gaming & Entertainment already has those plans with goa Casino Online Play. And they do it big.

Once Jacks Casino opens its doors online you can try your luck at over 10.000 different casino games, from renowned developers such as Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Pragmatic Play.

Unlike goa Casino Online Play, grand Prive Online Casino is aimed at offering a really cozy living room atmosphere, something you will not soon experience online.

You will, however, be able to continue to use the existing grand Prive Online Casino website to find useful information.

Think of the address details of your favorite gambling hall, or more about the current promotions. The site is kept very short. You will only find the essential things there.

Unfortunately, there is no overview of games for which you can go here, including the game rules.

This makes actually visiting a branch less accessible for new visitors.

About grand Prive Online Casino

JVH Gaming & Entertainment is the market leader in our country in operating land-based casinos. As the founder of the company, Jac van der Ham initially focused on the trade in jukeboxes in 1958.

In 1981 the very first amusement centers opened their doors. The group has grown enormously over the years, and has gone through several major milestones. They have proven to be true innovators, with a clear vision.

JVH now has no fewer than 85 gambling halls under its care, where on an annual basis no fewer than 4 million people set foot over the threshold.

Of all these establishments, 29 fall under grand Prive Online Casino. JVH, led by CEO Eric Olders, added this formula to the file in 2007.

This opportunity was seized with both hands when the Waterland company, as an investor, became a major shareholder in JVH in 2006, which provided a lot of financial scope.

In the years that followed, Winds Casino New Buffalo Michigans and casino 1995 Latino 1 Links were also added to the file. So far, the counter stands at three different types of casinos that fall under the same company.

While goa Casino Online Play, for example, is aimed at offering a real luxury "VIP experience", the grand Prive Online Casino locations can be compared much more with a cozy living room feeling.

Play responsibly at grand Prive Online Casino

grand Prive Online Casino thinks it is important that playing remains fun.

Like all renowned land-based gambling halls in the USA, they do their best to prevent gambling addiction among their customers (as much as possible).

They do make it clear that the person ultimately responsible always remains the player himself. grand Prive Online Casino only provides you with practical tools to minimize the risk of playing getting out of hand.

You can take full advantage of this with these general tips:

The grand Prive Online Casino hosts are also happy to help you make you aware of the risks on the spot.

They are well trained in identifying potential problems. It is always possible to ask an employee for advice personally.

If you need more help, they are also the right person to refer you to certain aid agencies.

Do you have no idea what type of player you really are, and are you wondering how likely it is that the game will get out of hand in your case?? Then you will find the link to a self-test on the grand Prive Online Casino website.

If you really do not trust yourself in a gambling hall, for example because you have already experienced that you cannot set limits, then there is always the possibility to request an entry ban.

This will deny you access for a period of 6 months at a location near you, or even at all grand Prive Online Casino locations.

In any case, everyone must be at least 18-21 years old to visit a grand Prive Online Casino. This will be checked at the door, so keep your ID card or passport at hand.


Since 2007, grand Prive Online Casino has been owned by JVH Gaming & Entertainment, the group that is also responsible for the gambling halls of goa Casino Online Play, Winds Casino New Buffalo Michigan and casino 1995 Latino 1 Link.

grand Prive Online Casino can be visited in our country at 29 different locations, from Hoogezand in Groningen to various branches in Limburg.

These are largely small-scale gambling halls, where the emphasis is on creating a living room feeling.

For playing you use a diverse range of slot machines, such as classic and modern slot machines.

You can also go there for the well-known table games, such as blackjack, roulette and poker.

Tournaments are regularly organized and fun promotions are devised that everyone can participate in. Because of this there is something for everyone.

JVH Gaming & Entertainment has no known plans to enter the online gambling market with grand Prive Online Casino.

That means that you remain dependent on only visiting physical gambling halls. Entrance is free here, so it has been made as accessible as possible to walk in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find various questions that visitors to our website often have. We have provided them with a short and concise answer, which you can use to your advantage.

Is grand Prive Online Casino safe and fair?

Yes, grand Prive Online Casino is a fair and safe casino that is committed to providing quality. All games meet the requirements and the employees are well trained.

Where is grand Prive Online Casino located?

grand Prive Online Casino can be visited at 29 different locations in our country. To find out where the closest one is near you, visit their website.

What games can you play in grand Prive Online Casino?

You will also find all the games that you encounter in any other gambling hall. Mainly they are slots and table game machines.

What are the opening hours of grand Prive Online Casino?

Hours of operation may vary by grand Prive Online Casino location. On the website you will find the times at which you can come here.

Any deviating times due to public holidays are also stated here.


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