gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

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Hommerson Casino is with their slogan 'Hommerson Casino, your casino!’ has become a household name in the Dutch casino market for years now.

The family business currently has 10 beautiful casinos, where you can go for an incredibly wide range of games and fully catered nights out.

The game and gambling halls of Hommerson Casino are for the most part located in the province of South Holland.

The most popular of this group are Hommerson Funland in Scheveningen and the two in The Hague: the Spuimarkt and De Speeltuin.

The latter Hommerson Casino branch is even the largest gambling hall in our country with its two floors and almost 350 slot machines.

Although the company calls itself a casino, they are not officially allowed to be called that (yet).

Only state-owned Holland Casino is the only one in the country to have a license to call itself that, but the use of the word 'casino' is tolerated for gambling halls in the USA.



gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes games

The game offer of Hommerson Casino consists of a total range of slot machines. You will find a game that suits you relatively easily among the colorful company of casino games.

A very large part of them are slots from well-known developers such as Novomatic, also known as Greentube, and the traditional Dutch Merkur.

In Hommerson Casino you can play table games to your heart's content, such as blackjack, poker and roulette.

It may not be possible to take a seat at a physical gaming table with a croupier, but fortunately there are plenty of other fun options, in the form of fully automatic modern slot machines.

These include the Multiplayers, or multi-players. This way you can still compete for the win together with your friends, colleagues or random fellow players.

Do you prefer to play an old-fashioned game of bingo on a modern slot machine, that's also possible at Hommerson Casino!

Hommerson Casino slots

Years ago, physical slots were only available as one armbed bandits, i.e. with a lever.

Nowadays you simply use the available buttons. With that you place your bet and immediately set the wheels in motion.

You win as soon as you form a certain symbol combination with the symbols on these reels. Applying a tactic is not possible, so profit really comes down to pure luck.

Among the many slots in Hommerson Casino you will find a lot of different slot machines, from immensely popular hit classics to lesser-known names.

Simply Wild, Random Runner and Double Triple Chance should not be missed. There is also a good chance that you will find, for example, Always Hot and Fruits on Fire.

Are you more into experiencing a fantasy world full of unicorns and princesses, or going on an expedition through ancient Egypt to find treasures??

You can also visit Hommerson Casino for a wide variety of non-fruit slots. How about Magic Mirror, or the hit formula Book of Ra?

Many of these slots can now also be played in the online casino.

By playing this online for free, you know exactly what to look out for when you play with real money at Hommerson Casino.

Hommerson Casino jackpot slots

Each Hommerson Casino establishment has its own progressive jackpot. Exactly how you can win it differs per location.

In any case, it is linked to a specific group of slot machines. These can be slot machines or roulette machines, for example.

The exact height is tracked live, not only in the gambling hall itself but also on the website.

Tip: Have you always wanted to step foot over the threshold to see what it all looks like on the inside, while having the realm all to yourself??

A large number of the branches have opened their doors digitally for you, where you can easily see what each branch looks like via Google Maps 24/7!

gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes Blackjack

Unlike other table games, you always only play blackjack against the dealer, who "defends" the interests of the casino.

The object of blackjack is to hit a total value of 21 exactly with a set of cards, or to get as close to it as possible.

In any case, you may not go over this value - then you automatically lose - while in the meantime you have to get more points than the dealer.

Hommerson Casino has several blackjack machines available, for both beginners and more experienced players.

The blackjack games in Hommerson Casino are somewhat limited. You can't play nice new live blackjack variants there. That is of course different in a live casino.

Hommerson Casino Roulette

Anyone can learn how to play Roulette. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. In any case, you need a roulette wheel and a ball for it.

This ball is shot into the wheel after placing your bet using air pressure. You have a lot of choice in terms of betting options.

The most well-known betting options are betting on one number or placing a 50/50 bet (such as red/black or even/odd).

Well-known fully automatic roulette tables that Hommerson Casino has are, for example:

Roulette is a fun and simple game. If you visit the Hommerson Casino and do not fully know the rules of the game, you can always ask an employee on the spot.

Do you prefer to read yourself well before you play roulette? Then it is wise to view our live roulette page.

With this information in your pocket you are ready for your next roulette adventure!

gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes Poker

Discover what poker is exactly, or do you want to put your already acquired knowledge into practice? Hommerson Casino has also thought of this group of players.

To do this, you take a seat at one of the various poker machines, including these well-known machines:

Learning how to play poker well takes some time. It all comes down to learning the rules of the game, trying out tactics and putting on your best poker face.

Each player receives two cards per round, the values ​​of which you must keep hidden from your fellow players.

Five cards will also be visible on the table. The ultimate goal is to get the best poker hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker is very popular in the USA. For that reason, Evolution Gaming has also developed a live casino game for this game. You can play these in all online casinos that cooperate with Evolution Gaming.

Hommerson Casino Locations

Loyalty program

Hommerson Casino has a loyalty card that anyone from the age of 24 can receive at no cost.

This savings card is available as a physical card as well as an online savings option.In the latter case you save with the help of a special app.

With this so-called Mascot Card you are already rewarded for just visiting one of the branches of Hommerson Casino, with $ 0.20 (1 point) per time per day.

With this you can save for presents, from vouchers to onions. There are also other ways to earn points, such as in the form of a birthday present and by participating in special promotions.

However, there are rules about saving. For example, there is a maximum of 250 points per year that you can save, which comes down to $50,-.

That sounds nice, but you have to meet fairly strict requirements to get to this amount. You have to become a regular customer, and therefore regularly visit an establishment, including mandatory on your birthday.

On the other hand, your points balance will get a huge boost if you come by on your birthday.

We do not recommend visiting a Hommerson Casino location purely to obtain a Mascot Card. You should see it as just a nice extra.

gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes Online

While other gambling halls already took a chance a few years ago to offer their casino games on the internet, Hommerson Casino is waiting quietly.

It seems that Hommerson Casino assumes that they will get an online casino license in the future.

It is also likely that she will indeed succeed. They are a renowned and respected mega company, which has always adhered to the rules.

They are expected to open their virtual doors in 2021, together with goa Casino Online Play and casino Atlanta No Deposit Bonus.

There is a good chance that they will expand their collaboration with the likes of playmaker Novomatic and Merkur. That's where the majority of Hommerson Casino's games come from.

This means that from the online launch you will also be able to access the worldwide hit formula Book of Ra on the internet. That alone is worth a little party.

You will also find great options from the market leader of online casino games Evolution Gaming, which is mainly known for offering live table games.

This opens up a whole new world for the Dutch player. Furthermore, it is expected that Hommerson Casino will also enter into a partnership with Big Time Gaming.

In short, that promises something.

Rest assured that Hommerson Casino will jump-start their casino site as soon as they get it, making online gambling at Hommerson Casino seem only a matter of time.

There is a chance that Hommerson Casino will do this under the name XL WIN, the online version of casino Guichard Perrachon Share Price, owned by Niek Hommerson.

Until then, you can only go to the modern, up-to-date site of Hommerson Casino for information about their gambling halls in general and the individual locations.

The information you can find on this is quite complete. It ranges from opening times and address details to the latest news and jackpot positions.

We only miss an overview of all games to play.

About gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Hommerson Casino is a family business in The Hague, started as a fair operator.

For the origin of this concern we have to go back to 1896, when cinematography was just in its infancy.

Hendrikus Hommerson decided to operate a traveling cinema, with home-made films that ran on electricity.

Unique for that time. It turned out to be a resounding success, the traveling cinema was an absolute hit at fun fairs, where you could go to watch moving images of local people.

The old Mr. Hommerson died in 1917, after which the baton was passed on to sons Anton and Nico.

Anton and Nico started expanding the fairground attractions, with toboggan runs, bot cars and real steam carousels.

In 1946 Hommerson was asked to come to Egypt to start a lunapark (amusement park with fairground rides).

It seemed like a bull's eye at first, but they soon came home from a rude awakening due to empty promises made.

The international direction that the company was going to take stopped before it even started.

Meanwhile, the third generation, with Rudy Hommerson at the helm, decided it was time for something new.

Rudy started with indoor entertainment in Scheveningen. For this he founded the arcade hall Monte Carlo on Palacestraat together with a partner.

Players could earn coupons by playing for example shooting devices. In the 1960s the name Monte Carlo was changed to Hommerson Sportland.

Slowly but surely, the first slot machines were added to the already rich range at the end of the 1970s.

Think sizzling slot machine classics like Random Runner, Club 2000 and Victory.

For playing arcade games you can still go to Hommerson Casino, such as Funland, on the Palace Promenade in Scheveningen.

The fourth Hommerson generation has been leading the multi-million dollar company for some time now, in the form of Désirée and Niek Hommerson.

Entrepreneurship has clearly been raised with them and they continue to look for new challenges.

For example, gambling millionaire Niek started setting up casino Guichard Perrachon Share Price, which so far has 3 branches in our country.

Meanwhile, the gambling company Hommerson has been around for more than 120 years and has 10 branches, the vast majority of which are located in South Holland.

The 11th is coming, with the opening in the football stadium of ADO Den Haag.

In the near future you will also be able to play casino games online at Hommerson Casino – that is planned for 2021.

Play responsibly at gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Although everything at Hommerson Casino is designed for a wealth of gaming fun, they are also aware that innocent entertainment for a certain group can turn into a serious addiction relatively easily.

That is why they are already doing a lot to not only make players aware of this, but also to be able to identify this early.

As they themselves indicate on their website: “Many visitors are able to correct themselves, but others need a little more support.”

Hommerson Casino employees are trained to recognize risky behavior. As soon as it is suspected that this is the case with a player, they will talk to that person.

On the site you will also find addresses of emergency services where you can go. And if it seems sensible to you to voluntarily sign up for Hommerson's White List out of self-protection, then you will no longer enter the gambling halls with a mention on that list.

To enter a Hommerson Casino establishment you must be at least 18-21 years old and present a valid ID card or passport.


Hommerson Casino has a rich history and is a true family business, currently owned by Désirée and Niek Hommerson.
The million-dollar group has 10 branches, mainly in South Holland.

Hommerson Casino focuses on gambling halls in the broadest sense of the word, from arcade games to (fruit) slots, table games and bingo. These are all slot machines.

The company offers games from leading makers such as Novomatic, known for, among others, Book of Ra. gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes also has a large selection of games from Merkur.

Not only can you win a cash prize with a bit of luck with a gaming device, there may also be a progressive jackpot to be won.

Regular customers are rewarded by Hommerson Casino with extra benefits in addition to special promotions, in the form of the Mascot Card, a loyalty program.

You have to sign up for that. You save points to win vouchers or days out.

A license is still missing for being allowed to offer physical table games.

It is expected that Hommerson Casino will also operate an actual online casino in the future. This allows you to visit the Hommerson Casino whenever and wherever you want.

For the time being, you are still dependent on the website where you can only find information.

Think of address details of the various branches, everything about responsible gaming, the latest news and everything about special promotions / events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes? Chances are that they have already been answered for you below. These are the most frequently asked questions from visitors to our website.

Is Hommerson Casino safe and fair?

Yes, Hommerson Casino is a safe and fair casino that has been around for many years in the casino world and does everything to offer reliable casino games.

Where is gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes located?

You can currently visit 10 branches, mainly spread across South Holland.

What games can you play at Hommerson Casino?

You can go to Hommerson Casino for many different types of casino games. In this Hommerson Casino review we have made an overview of the most popular games.

What are the opening times of gold Stream Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes?

You will find exactly when you can go to each location on the Hommerson Casino website.


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