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The family business behind Lucky Jack has been around since 1947. However, it took exactly 50 years before this operator's first gambling hall opened its doors, and its focus changed from operating amusement arcades to the gambling halls as we know them today.

The casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsins are all located in North Holland, of which 4 of the 6 are in Amsterdam. The other 2 can be visited in Beverwijk and Heemskerk.

These are fairly small-scale casinos, where the emphasis is on the homely feeling.

The motto of Lucky Jack is therefore: 'Feel at home at Lucky Jack'. The locations are all ideal to visit for low-threshold entertainment, but not designed to offer a fully catered afternoon or evening out.



casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin games

The Lucky Jack range consists entirely of slot machines.

There is not really a lot of choice in most establishments due to the small size of the gambling halls, but fortunately that does not mean that you have to miss your favorite casino games.

In that respect, the offer is quite standard and comparable to what you find in the average gambling hall of other operators.

That means that there are mainly many slot machines, interspersed with some machines where you can play the well-known table games.

Speaking of table games, they can't be played here in the usual physical way. There is no roulette, blackjack and/or poker table to join and a croupier to assist you.

This has everything to do with the fact that offering them is only allowed in the Holland Casino, but this is expected to change in the future

casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin offers games from the leading game developers including grand Forks To Shooting Star Casino, Elam, Barcrest, Novomatic, Merkur and Eurocoin.

Lucky Jack slots

Most of the slots in casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin are fully automatic slot machines, which is basically the standard for every slot. You can't get more classic and nostalgic than this.

It all started with these devices. These slots have become more user-friendly over the years, have always kept their well-known identity.

You can recognize this type of slot machine by the fruits on the reels combined with BARs, Liberty Bells and Lucky 7s, combined with a simple gameplay.

It will therefore come as no surprise that the vast majority of the most popular slots from Lucky Jack feature this fruit theme. Think of:

But Lucky Jack also offers a nice dose of variety for those who prefer modern machines.

Think Batman or the latest Games Unlimited devices, including Phoenix & Dragon as part of many different games.

A slot machine consists of different reels, usually 3 - 5. They are filled with symbols, spread over several rows (usually 3 - 4).

So-called paylines run across the reels. Those are winning patterns that run from left to right. If an identical symbol combination lands on such a pattern, you win the prize as stated in the pay table.

It doesn't really matter whether slots are completely new to you or whether you are already quite familiar with them.

In short, everything comes down to determining your bet and setting the reels in motion.

The outcome is always 100% random and no tactics are possible. So super simple.

Mystery Jackpot

Every Lucky Jack branch has its own Mystery Jackpot. That is a progressive, so ascending, jackpot prize.

The exact amount of this varies per location, but can in any case have a value of a maximum of $ 2.500. So that's more than just a nice extra.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is play a paid connected slot machine at casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin.

casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin blackjack

You don't have to be an absolute expert to play blackjack.

Even for complete laymen, the super-famous card game can be mastered within minutes. What makes it extra simple is that you only play against the dealer. That keeps it nice and clear.

Both you and the dealer receive 2 cards after placing a bet. Yours are both visible. Only one of the dealer's shows the value.

Only the card values ​​are important in blackjack, so the suit doesn't matter. The point is that with the cards you get a number of points that comes out exactly at 21.

Less is also allowed if you can beat the house with it, but more automatically results in a loss.

If you want to try out blackjack, you can do that on a Lucky Jack slot machine.

This is how you learn in a casual way how much fun this card game actually is. And who knows, you might even make a profit from it.

Only the classic version of blackjack is offered in casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin. That is different in the live casino, where you have the opportunity to play different live blackjack variants.

Lucky Jack roulette

If you prefer to play roulette, you can do that at a Megastar roulette table.

This is a fully automatic game that comes as close as possible to the roulette experience at a physical table.

There are several chairs around. Each player has his own betting screen and in the center is the roulette wheel.

After everyone has placed a bet, things get exciting. The ball is now being shot onto the wheel. If the ball lands in the box you predicted, you have won.

Is standard roulette not exciting enough for you? Then you can play online, in addition to live roulette, also various variants such as Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette.

casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin Poker

You watched Ocean's Eleven starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney, and listened carefully to these gentlemen's tips.

Your curiosity and enthusiasm has been sparked and you are ready to learn how to master the game diligently.

If you're looking forward to playing poker at a physical gaming table in Lucky Jack, we're sorry to disappoint you. That is not possible here.

You can, however, switch to a video poker machine to play this world-famous card game, which is especially popular abroad.

It may seem a lot more boring than the physical poker game, but it comes with some nice benefits.

The chances of winning are excellent, the prizes to be won are quite substantial and you determine the pace yourself.

So for the time being, you can only practice on your best poker face in a home environment, so you can focus on making the rules your own.

After all, there is still quite a bit of knowledge and experience involved to attract the profit to you.

Explained in a nutshell: each player is basically dealt 2 playing cards, 5 cards are placed on the table and the aim is to get the best poker hand of all your opponents.

In the most ideal situation that is a Royal Flush.

Do you prefer to play the real classic Texas Hold 'em? Then you will have to visit the Holland Casino, which is the only casino in the USA that is allowed to offer that game.

casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin Locations

Loyalty program

The Lucky Jack branches all have no loyalty program. So no special member cards or an app with which you can earn points.

If you view the website of this owner, it also seems that no actions are being organized.

Yet they do that regularly, only you have to divert to Lucky Jack's Facebook page.

There you will find, for example, that they organize Lucky Jackpot weeks, King's Day and New Year's Eve lotteries.

You can win nice prizes with this. For example, top prizes such as smartphones, scooters and electric bicycles have already been reviewed.

casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin Online

Like all gambling operators in our country, Lucky Jack is not in possession of a license that allows it to operate an online casino.

It is just not expected that Lucky Jack will go on the worldwide web to tap into a new target group.

casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin continues to focus purely on their physical establishments, according to our sources.

That choice is certainly not surprising, because it is simply a smaller operator.

casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin is not a large group like Holland Casino, goa Casino Online Play or grand Prive Online Casino, which do have those plans.

Moreover, the homely atmosphere that Lucky Jack focuses on is also simply difficult to convey in an online casino.

You can of course visit the Lucky Jack website to find all kinds of useful information.

Are you curious where exactly you can visit an establishment and what their measures are to prevent gambling addiction?

You can find that on this site for example. With that everything has been said. You will not find anything about the available games, promotions or promotions.

About casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin

Lucky Jack has been around for some years now, but is still a relatively youngster in the casino industry compared to other operators.

However, the predecessor of the gambling halls was already started in 1947, in the form of amusement halls.

Only since 1998 has the family business focused fully on the Lucky Jack gambling formula, with locations in the USA as well as in Spain.

If you want to enjoy a gambling game during your holiday in Spain after sunbathing on the beach and walking along the boulevard, you can do that in the popular seaside resorts such as Fuengirola and Torremolinos.

In our own country you are also somewhat limited for visiting a Lucky Jack gambling hall.

The casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin branches are all located in the province of North Holland, of which no fewer than 4 branches are in Amsterdam. You can also visit Heemskerk and Beverwijk.

It's not really super modern and impressive. The focus at Lucky Jack is therefore not on offering the latest of the latest in a super-deluxe environment.

The casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsins really focus on a homely atmosphere aimed at 'a fun evening full of fun and excitement', which apparently also appeals to many women.

According to casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin, no less than half of their visitors are women, which means that the proportion of women is considerably higher than average.

Play responsibly at casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin

Where other gambling halls have a 'responsible gaming' page on their website, Lucky Jack calls this 'duty of care'.

It may look a little different, but the goal is the same: to make sure that the players of the Lucky Jack gambling halls handle the game responsibly.

This means that arcades such as Lucky Jack must take all necessary measures and provide facilities to prevent addiction to games of chance as much as possible.

If Lucky Jack didn't deal with this, they wouldn't just arouse suspicion from authorities who make sure that gambling is supposed to be safe.

By the way, all casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin employees have had the right training to advise you and possibly refer you to reputable authorities.

If you, as a visitor to a Lucky Jack location, do not want to let your gaming behavior get out of hand, they already give a few important tips:

Sensing boundaries can be quite difficult for a certain group of players. When playing stops purely for fun and in the end it's all about winning, for that you have to be able to reflect.

To help you determine how likely it is that you may become addicted, or have even (unknowingly) ended up there, there is a handy online self-test that can be performed.

If you need professional help right away, you will also find the right information about this on the Lucky Jack website.

Applying for a voluntary access ban at Lucky Jack is also possible.

As a visitor you are welcome at Lucky Jack from the age of 21, regardless of the location.


Lucky Jack is a family business that started operating arcades in 1947 and opened the very first gambling hall in 1998.

From the outset, the focus has been on offering games of chance in a homely atmosphere, under the motto: 'Feel at home at Lucky Jack'.

While other companies are mushrooming new branches, Lucky Jack keeps it humble.

The company owns only 6 branches, almost all of which are relatively small.

The only exception is the one in Amsterdam at the Bookslotermeerplein. This is one of the 4 locations it has in our capital. The other 2 gambling halls are in Beverwijk and Heemskerk.

At Lucky Jack you can find the usual range of slot machines.

In addition to slots, these are also different table games.

Think of roulette and poker. Taking a seat at a physical gaming table with a croupier is just not possible, which has to do with our current gambling law.

Admission is free at any Lucky Jack location. You must be at least 21 years old.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is imaginable that you have questions about Lucky Jack. We may have already answered it for you below.

That chance is quite high, because it concerns the most frequently asked questions from visitors to our site.

Is Lucky Jack safe and fair?

Yes, casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin is known as one of the safest places in the USA to enjoy various casino games.

Where is Lucky Jack located?

You can visit casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin at 6 locations in our country, namely in Amsterdam, Beverwijk and Heemskerk.

What games can you play in Lucky Jack?

casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin has a diverse range, with slots and fully automatic table games.

What are the opening hours of Lucky Jack?

On our website we have made an overview of the opening hours of all branches of casino Winnings Tax Rate Wisconsin.


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