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casino War Online Canada is a family business, and as such currently runs 2 branches.

To play at a gambling hall of this operator, you can go to Gieten (Drenthe) and Oude Pekela (Groningen). A 3rd playing location is planned to be opened in Zuidlaren (DR).

Here you will find the geniality and fun that makes the average player happy, and where casino War Online Canada has a great focus on.

The customer is really king here, which is reflected in offering an excellent high-quality service.

The location in Oude Pekela is even called "the best casino in the north" by many visitors and that says it all, of course.

The two locations are not real casinos, by the way, because on paper they are gambling halls.

Only Holland Casino operates casinos, which comes with certain advantages – however, an exception is currently being made for gambling halls!



casino War Online Canada games

To give you an idea of ​​the size of the game assortment of casino War Online Canada: there are about 25 slot machines in Gieten and about 100 in Oude Pekela.

Lucky casino Near Downers Grove Il's branches consist of a mix of old and new machines. And even though the gambling hall in Gieten is much smaller, you will still find a pretty complete range here.

By the way, they are almost all slot machines that you will find in both locations, and consist of single and multiple players. Furthermore, roulette is offered as a table game.

Playing roulette with a croupier is just not possible in casino War Online Canada and is only possible at Holland Casino.

Instead, there are fully automatic roulette machines, which come pretty close to the real gaming experience.

All in all, casino War Online Canada offers a game collection that you will find in the average gambling hall. That means that the machines also come from the most famous game makers.

If you are an avid gambling visitor, names like Bellfruit, grand Forks To Shooting Star Casino, Stakelogic, Eurocoin and Novomatic will probably sound familiar to you.

casino War Online Canada slots

The majority of slot machines consist of slot machines, which does not only apply to casino War Online Canada, but is the case worldwide if you visit a casino or gambling hall.

You play fruit machines for pure nostalgia, simplicity and often have great prizes attached to them.

Recognizing such a machine is simple, because there are mainly fruits on the rolls.

For example, you should think of peaches, cherries, lemons, oranges and watermelons.

If you want to try a popular slot machine, it is good to know that you can also succeed at casino War Online Canada.

The following hit classics can be played here, among others:

Steptimer, Multi Player, Super Bells and Miljoenenjacht are examples of other success formulas, which are also very popular at casino War Online Canada.

casino War Online Canada also likes to keep up with the times, which can be seen, for example, in the Megastar machines that are also included in the range.

Megastar slot machines are modern machines featuring a variety of casino games.

By taking a seat behind such a machine you can choose from a series of games the one you would like to try at that moment.

Every round it is possible to switch to a different casino game, so you don't have to leave your seat for a moment.

Mystery Jackpot

If you walk into the average gambling hall, you will find a Mystery Jackpot 9 times out of 10.

That is a progressive jackpot prize, which is linked to certain slot machines that are there.

If you want a chance to win it, you don't have to do anything special. The price is completely random.

By the way, it is laid down by law that the amount of money to be won may rise to a maximum of $ 2.500 and that is of course just a price that you can do a lot of fun things with.

casino War Online Canada has also included such a Mystery Jackpot in its range. That makes it just a bit more interesting to walk in here.

casino War Online Canada Blackjack

Blackjack is a very old card game and still very popular with gambling enthusiasts. It is not only fun to play, but also very easy to master.

If you know the card values, then you are actually already there. Blackjack is about getting as close as possible to the point total of 21 with your received cards.

To start, you get 2 cards from the dealer. According to the question whether you see room for a new card.

Be careful though, because although finishing exactly at 21 is the ultimate goal, the chance is much greater that you just go over it. If you do that, you automatically lose from the bank. That makes playing blackjack very exciting.

Playing blackjack at a physical table is actually the most fun, with a dealer leading the game and dealing the cards.

Just like with roulette, blackjack with a croupier is not allowed. You can also not play blackjack in casino War Online Canada on a machine. However, blackjack tournaments are organized.

It is not known whether you can go to casino War Online Canada for this. If there is one on the schedule, it will always be mentioned on the website and on the Facebook page.

casino War Online Canada Roulette

One of the casino games that should not be missing in a gambling hall is roulette. Roulette, of course, consists of a roulette table, the roulette wheel full of compartments, colors and numbers, and a ball.

At casino War Online Canada you can take a seat at a Megastar roulette machine. It is not much different from playing a live game, except that there is no croupier present.

Everything works fully automatically. You take a seat in your own chair, choose your bet via a digital screen, and then you have to wait for the ball to be shot onto the wheel using air pressure.

A very often chosen betting option is betting on one number. Did you know that the most used number is 17? This song turns out to be the most often awarded.

You do run a considerable risk by placing a bet on one number. If you want the best possible winning chances, bet on a 50/50 bet. Think of black/red or an even/odd number.

If you are looking for roulette variants, you are dependent on the live casino.

In addition to live roulette, you can also play various variants in the live casino, such as Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette. These are games that we also enjoy playing ourselves.

casino War Online Canada poker

Poker is currently more popular than ever. The fact that the game is often used in Hollywood movies and poker matches are broadcasted via live streams or TV contributes greatly to this.

Many a player dreams of being a professional and bringing in tons of money.

The fact is that this is only put away for very few people. After all, you should not only be able to dream the rules of the game, but also be able to put on an incomprehensible poker face.

If you want to learn how to play poker or get good at it, do it purely for fun, not for the sake of getting rich.
Keep it to smaller amounts, so that it remains really fun.

Practicing your poker game is currently not (yet) possible at casino War Online Canada. Offering physical poker game is prohibited for a gambling hall.

Offering video poker machines could be a great replacement, but apparently we Dutch are really not into that. And that while video poker is booming business in America, for example.

If you are a poker fan, then you can keep an eye on the casino War Online Canada website. Who knows there might be a poker event coming up soon that you can join for free.

Lucky casino Near Downers Grove Il's Branches

Loyalty program

A loyalty program is something that many business owners use. This is a marketing strategy that is linked to a reward system.

As a frequent returning visitor who spends money, you will receive points in return for example to save for free play money.

It may seem very generous of the owner, but it is mainly intended to encourage you to spend more money.

At casino War Online Canada they don't do this. However, they often organize promotional campaigns, in which every visitor can participate.

Especially the lotteries of this operator are quite well known in the area, because they can often be won big prizes. They can go up to $3.000.

The promotions may differ per location, so check the casino War Online Canada website / Facebook page before your visit.

casino War Online Canada Online

If you want to learn more about casino War Online Canada, visiting this operator's website is a good idea.

It looks quite dated, but at least you can't ignore the fact that it's the site of an arcade operator.

You will only find basic information about the company in general and the two locations. Such as the address details, opening hours, which events are planned and which prevention policy casino War Online Canada applies.

To get a taste of the atmosphere, a small photo gallery has also been created.

If you really want to stay informed and don't miss anything, it is recommended to keep an eye on the Facebook page.

From mid-2021 it is expected that new online casinos will appear on the market. We are eagerly looking forward to this, because from that moment new licenses and permits will be issued.

At least, for those in possession of one of the limited number of permits. As far as is known, casino War Online Canada has no ambition whatsoever to expand its range to operate its own online casino in the USA.

That would not be a logical move, since this concerns an operator with only a few branches, and also only in Drenthe and Groningen.

About casino War Online Canada

casino War Online Canada comes under Lucky Star BV and is quite a small operator.

If you're not from the north of our country, the name will probably mean little to you.

Both casino War Online Canada can be found in Groningen and Drenthe, more specifically the places Zuidlaren and Gieten.

The arcade in the middle of the cozy village of Gieten, a place with only 5.000+ inhabitants, is even one of the smallest gambling halls in our country.

Here you will only find about 25 different slot machines, but nevertheless the offer is quite complete. So small but nice.

The location in Oude Pekela is anything but central. It is located in the industrial area. However, the accessibility is good and there are excellent parking options.

By the way, the opening of a third gambling hall is planned. That honor is for the Drenthe Zuidlaren. At least, if everything goes through.

The permit for this has already been granted to casino War Online Canada, but the CDA within this municipality is not too fond of this plan yet.

They state that it does not fit within the center development of the place and are also concerned about the risks of the development of gambling addiction.

If everything continues, this new arcade will end up in a beautiful place, namely in the Golden Lion.

That is a location where a restaurant and entertainment center is well known in the region. This would make casino War Online Canada Zuidlaren the ideal location for a fully catered night out.

To give you an idea of ​​the size of this latest future addition, the license issued states that there is room for up to 50 slot machines.

Play responsibly at casino War Online Canada

casino War Online Canada makes it clear that it puts a lot of emphasis on providing safe and responsible gaming fun. They not only keep that in drawing up clear rules, but they also translate it into action themselves.

It is special to report that if you visit one of the gambling halls more than 6 times a month as a player up to the age of 24, you will receive a so-called '6th visit info card'. This alerts you to the risks of a gambling addiction.

If this has little effect and if you visit the gambling hall at least 2 more times within the same month, you can expect a conversation with the host or hostess.

A mirror is held up to you and this time 1-on-1 pointed to your playing behavior.

According to their own figures, this approach has a great positive effect on the player. No less than 60 - 75% of those who have been addressed about this, visit the gambling hall less often afterwards.

If it turns out that the consultation with the visitor has had little effect, a visit restriction can be imposed or the person in question can voluntarily register for the white list.

With an entry on that list you will no longer enter the gambling halls of casino War Online Canada.

However, the manager makes it clear that ultimately the responsibility always lies with the player himself. They only provide you with the right handles if necessary.

If you prefer to find out in an anonymous and simple way prior to your visit whether and how much risk you run of developing a gambling addiction, you will find a handy self-test via the site.

If you find out that you actually really need professional help, there are reputable national addiction care institutions that you can turn to.

You can visit a branch of casino War Online Canada from the age of 18. Then take your identity papers with you, because when in doubt you can expect a check.

If it turns out that you do not meet this limit, you will not enter the arcade.


casino War Online Canada has gambling halls that, in addition to offering a complete range of slot machines, also invest heavily in the field of hospitality, conviviality and conviviality.

You can meet this at 2 locations, namely in Gieten and Oude Pekela. The intention is that a 3rd establishment will be added in the short term, in Zuidlaren.

You will mainly find slots at casino War Online Canada, as single and multiple players. Think of the nostalgic old school slot machines, modern video slots and fully automatic roulette.

At casino War Online Canada they still really have an eye for their guests. This means, among other things, that the employees do their best to let players play purely for fun.

The risk target group up to 24 years of age is being monitored more closely, in order to minimize the development of gambling addiction. For a guess you are welcome from 18 years old.


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