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casino Santa Fe Poker Tour falls under Pierre de Jonge Automaten BV, whose owner is Pierre de Jonge junior.

Started in 1954 and founded by Pierre de Jonge senior, it is one of the oldest gambling operators in our country.

At the same time, it is also a little less known, because the six different branches are all located in the province of Brabant. These are two in Breda and one in Dongen, Etten-Leur, Rijen and Zevenbergen.

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour focuses on offering a wide and modern range of games in a fairly luxurious environment, where hospitality is of paramount importance.

By the way, they are all gambling halls instead of casinos. Officially, only the Holland Casino may bear this title, but an exception is made for gambling halls.



casino Santa Fe Poker Tour games

The range of games of casino Santa Fe Poker Tour is not much different from what you find in gambling halls of other operators in our country.

This means that you can go there for the usual range: a large number of slot machines as well as some table games, such as blackjack, roulette and poker.

You can also play bingo at casino Santa Fe Poker Tour, but for that you have to rely on organized actions and promotions.

If you go to casino Santa Fe Poker Tour especially for your favorite table games with croupier, we have to protect you from a possible disappointment.

This is not possible at casino Santa Fe Poker Tour, but you can lose yourself playing fully automatic machines – that is exactly the same from a game-technical point of view!

The game makers that casino Santa Fe Poker Tour works with are renowned names in this industry, such as Novomatic, Eurocoin, Reflex Gaming, Leander Games and grand Forks To Shooting Star Casino.

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour slots

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour is the right place for you to take a gamble on a slot machine.

You will find an extensive and varied range of single players and Multi-Players. The most famous titles are not missing. Think of:

If you are even less familiar with a gambling hall visit, you will undoubtedly notice that it is mainly all kinds of fruits that are on the reels of these machines.

These are the slot machines that have dominated slots for decades because of their immense popularity. It all started with these machines.

Fortunately, nowadays there are also many other themes to indulge in, so that you can alternate.

Recognizing a slot machine is easy. They all consist of reels, which spin as soon as you place your bet.

Which symbols then appear after the reels have stopped again determines whether you have won or not. This requires an identical symbol combination on a payline.

Mystery Jackpots

Like a large number of other gambling operators, Pierre de Jonge has also included Mystery Jackpots in the offer.

With this you have a chance to win a progressive prize, simply by playing one of the connected slot machines.

Its height depends on location. If you want to be kept informed about this, you can do so by subscribing to the newsletter.

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour blackjack

Ready for a game of twenty-one? casino Santa Fe Poker Tours also offers opportunities on that front.

You always play blackjack here on a machine. For those who play at a table with a croupier just a bridge too far, this is a nice low-threshold option.

Blackjack is perhaps the easiest casino game to learn. You always play against the dealer (the house) here.

Both you and your only opponent get 2 cards to start. To provide some more tension, those 2 of you are both visible, opposite 1 of the dealer.

The goal is to add up exactly to 21 with the total points of the cards received.

You can also win with a total value of less than 21, as long as you have more points than your opponent, but at the same time this number does not exceed 21.

If you still like to play with a live croupier, we recommend that you try a live casino.

Here you have great blackjack games like live blackjack, infinite blackjack and power blackjack.

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour roulette

Roulette has been an indispensable part of casinos and gambling halls worldwide from the start. It is one of the most popular games of chance, and quite easy to learn.

For example, in roulette you can bet on a single number or place a bet on red or black.

The chance of winning is super low with the first option, but on the other hand you win the most if you are lucky that the ball ends up on this.

To spread your chances of winning more, the second option is a smart one, but the payouts are low again.

There are also plenty of other betting options and tactics to bet. This way you can make roulette as simple or as difficult as you want.

It is important to know for those who are not yet familiar with roulette, that you play at a fully automatic roulette table at casino Santa Fe Poker Tour.

It is technically the same as the physical variant, but without a croupier who leads the game. You can compete against the bank with several players at the same time.

After placing the bet, the ball is shot up the wheel, which is located in the middle of the table.

Now we have to wait and see which square the ball will land on, which will build up the tension in one fell swoop.

At Pierre de Jonge, for example, you can take a seat at the Gold Club Roulette machine, which is one of the more modern roulette machines out there.

A good alternative to the roulette machines is live roulette. Here you play with a live dealer, which makes everything a lot more authentic.

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour poker

In every bit of gambling hall you can normally go for playing poker.

This also applies to the branches of Pierre de Jonge. Here poker players can indulge in one of the video poker machines.

That's the only way to play poker for now, because sitting at physical tables is not possible.

So you play in a casino Santa Fe Poker Tour gambling hall without a croupier.

That may be at the expense of the atmosphere, but on the other hand, the fully automatic play gives you the chance to play poker at your own pace and without anyone watching your fingers.

Getting to grips with poker isn't that easy. At least, if you want to win gloriously.

For that you not only have to be able to dream the rules of the game, but also to be an expert in setting up your best poker face.

This way, even with a slightly less set of playing cards, you may still be able to outdo your fellow players. So there is still quite a large portion of tactics involved.

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour establishments

Loyalty program

Despite the fact that casino Santa Fe Poker Tour has not set up a loyalty program, it does not mean that you cannot take advantage of special promotions and promotions here.

On the contrary, because they are clearly committed to it, which every visitor can use.

Think of special promotions during Carnival and Chinese New Year, Lucky Bingos that take place once or even several times a week, New Year's Eve bingo, 10-day Christmas packages, Find The Key, Pull the Ace and Cash Prize casino Mediterraneo Alicante Zona Pokers.

If you want to know exactly which action is on the agenda where, you can read all about it on both Pierre de Jonge's website and their Facebook and Instagram page.

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour online

At the moment, casino Santa Fe Poker Tour does not have an online casino where you can go for your favorite casino games.

The company does not possess an online casino license and our expectation is that this will not happen in the future.

Although casino Santa Fe Poker Tour are known in Brabant and have been around for years, they are not exactly a well-known name in the rest of the USA.

The company is not as well known as the Holland Casino, casino Atlanta No Deposit Bonus or goa Casino Online Play, with locations all over the country.

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour does have a website, which contains more information than average compared to much of the competition.

This way you can read the latest news, everything about Pierre de Jonge Sr. Foundation, ongoing actions, house rules and responsible play.

Text is often interspersed with photos of the arcades, which gives you a good impression of both the interior and the atmosphere. Furthermore, it is especially the overview that stands out positively.

Online gambling enthusiasts will have to try their luck in another online casino. Fortunately, there are currently enough alternatives for that in the USA!

About casino Santa Fe Poker Tour

The name casino Santa Fe Poker Tour refers to the founder of the same name, who started the company in 1954.

This makes it in possession of more than 65 years of experience, which is quite impressive.

In his life, Pierre has not only focused on his work as a gambling operator, but apparently also felt very involved in society.

After the death of Pierre Jonge senior, a foundation was set up in line with his ideals, which is known as the Pierre de Jonge Sr. foundation.

This has been in existence since 2004 and aims to help the needy elderly, children and the disabled by providing the necessary resources. This foundation is only active in West Brabant.

The casino Santa Fe Poker Tour chain has been led by Pierre de Jonge jr . for many years now., from the head office in Breda.

He is about the ins and outs of the 6 different branches in total, all of which are located in cozy Brabant.

Until 2018, there were still 5, but that has changed with a takeover of Funplaza from Breda.

In addition to two in Breda, you will also find the gambling halls in Dongen, Etten-Leur, Rijen and Zevenbergen.

What characterizes each of the locations is the luxurious appearance in combination with the great emphasis on hospitality and experience.

You will find the latest and most modern machines here and promotions are regularly organized to entertain players.

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour does not really have a spotless past.

The location in Rijen came in negative news in 2020 when it turned out that the manager of that location was responsible for theft from the $65 safe.000.

Play responsibly at casino Santa Fe Poker Tour

Just like any reputable gambling hall in the USA, casino Santa Fe Poker Tour is also concerned with responsible gaming behavior.

For this it works together with the trade association VAN Kansspelen, among others. By means of information and prevention, the manager hopes to prevent gambling addiction as much as possible.

All employees of casino Santa Fe Poker Tour have had the necessary training to recognize risky behavior. For example, they will strike up a conversation with players who (appear to) fall into this category.

You also only get in from 18 or 21 years (depending on the location), with each player even being monitored extra until the age of 24.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact that research has already shown that young people in general are a lot more sensitive to short-term rewards, which makes them more likely to take risks.

What responsible play actually means? For this, casino Santa Fe Poker Tour gives a few important tips to pay attention to, in order to keep your gaming behavior under control:

If you are curious about how responsible you can really handle playing games of chance, there is a handy online self-test to perform.

If this shows that you run some risk, it may be possible to request a voluntary entry ban with a view to self-protection.

On the website you will also find all kinds of useful addresses of professional bodies to contact.


casino Santa Fe Poker Tour is a well-known player on the Brabant casino market.

At the same time, there is a good chance that if you come from outside this province, this name does not sound familiar to you immediately.

So it is not a Holland Casino or goa Casino Online Play with branches all over the country.

The company was founded by Pierre de Jonge senior in 1954. After his death it was handed over to Pierre de Jonge junior.

He's been running it for quite a few years now. Since 2018, the file consists of 6 different locations, where there were previously 5.

You can visit a casino Santa Fe Poker Tour gambling hall at 2 locations in Breda and further in Dongen, Etten-Leur, Rijen and Zevenbergen.

You will find the usual range of games in a fairly luxurious game environment. Think slots, from the most innovative to the most old-school classics, and table games like blackjack, roulette and poker.

Table games can only be played fully automatically, so taking a seat at a physical table with a croupier is not an option.

Depending on the location, everyone from 18 or 21 years old is welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors to our website often have the same questions. We have provided an answer to the most frequently asked below for convenience.

This way you are better prepared if you want to visit a Pierre Casino gambling hall.

Is casino Santa Fe Poker Tour safe and fair?

Yes, casino Santa Fe Poker Tour is a safe and fair online casino that has all the necessary licenses to offer casino games.

Where is casino Santa Fe Poker Tour located?

casino Santa Fe Poker Tour has 6 branches in Brabant. More information about the locations can be found on our website

What games can you casino Rules For Let It Ride Santa Fe Poker Tour?

Pierre de Jonge's game range is diverse. The standard offer consists of slots and table games, interspersed with regularly organized actions and promotions.

What are the opening times of casino Santa Fe Poker Tour?

All casino Santa Fe Poker Tour branches have different opening hours. More information can be found on our website.


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