casino Rules For Let It Ride

casino Rules For Let It Ride

Play-In Casino review & experiences

Play-In Casino is part of Play-In Group, which manages 4 gambling halls in the USA.

These are Play-In Casino Zandvoort, Casino Royaal Zandvoort, Casino Circus Zandvoort and Play-In Casino Amsterdam.

This means it only has locations in the province of North Holland. The target group of all four branches is mainly the regular customer who already knows how to find their way blindly.

The Casino Circus Zandvoort is certainly the most striking of the bunch, which is the only one that offers entertainment for the whole family.

Although the branches all have 'casino' in their name, they are officially gambling halls.

In addition to sounding less interesting, that is indeed accompanied by some disadvantages for the player.

In this Play-In Casino review we are going to tell you everything about this Dutch casino and you will find out what there is to experience!



casino Rules For Let It Ride Games

The range of games at Play-In Casino is quite extensive and modern, where you will mainly find a great diversity of slot machines, interspersed with some table games here and there.

In that respect, it therefore meets the standard of what you encounter in the average gambling hall in our country.

What the range looks like exactly depends on which location you play in.

For example, Play-In Casino Zandvoort is very small-scale, while in the directly adjacent Casino Circus Zandvoort you can choose from more than 200 different casino games, including roulette, blackjack, poker and bingo.

However, you should take into account that table games can only be played computer-controlled outside of any promotions and promotions.

That means that you take a seat at a slot machine, such as a fully automatic roulette table.

Play-In Casino is a renowned operator, which means that there are only slot machines from the well-known game makers here.

This includes Bell-Fruit Games, grand Forks To Shooting Star Casino, Barcrest and Simbat – game developers where you can now also play the games online.

Play-In Casino slots

Slots can be found in Play-In Casino in the form of both single and multiplayer. Characteristic of the Multi-Players is that you can play with multiple players at the same time.

Both single and multiplayer players can also be divided into the classic super popular slot machines and the more modern slots.

Slots usually consist of the same recurring fruits (cherries, peaches, lemons, oranges, etc.).), supplemented with BARs, golden bells (Liberty Bells) and 7s.

You will also find some other themes, but the choice is limited. Slots fans can come here to play the trusted names.

If you, as a less experienced player, are not yet familiar with the most favorite slots, we have collected a top-5 below that you can take advantage of:

If you prefer to crawl behind a machine that is linked to jackpot prizes for even more excitement, you can indulge yourself with, for example, the Steptimer Jackpot and the Turbo Play Jackpot.

Mystery Jackpots

Do you like winning bigger prizes? Then you will have to try your luck in the jackpot slots. These are called Mystery Jackpots in Play-In Casino.

Each branch has its own Mystery Jackpot, but no one knows when it will fall. Its height can also vary per minute or even second.

Everyone has an equal chance of winning such a jackpot, so it does not depend on the size of your bet. The Mega Jackpot can go up to $2.500 and could fall any moment!

In, for example, Casino Circus Zandvoort there is also an additional progressive jackpot to be won, consisting of a maximum of $500.

The devices that you can participate in from $0.01 are connected to this. Also here the price is random.

According to the website of this gambling hall, this happens on average about 2 - 3 times a month and on the same site you will also find the current jackpot position.

casino Rules For Let It Ride Roulette

Roulette consists of several variants, including the American, European and French. In the Play-In Casinos you play the French version, which is also called European roulette.

Quite confusing, but it means you are playing with a roulette wheel made up of 36 numbers and some 0.

At Play-In Casino, roulette is only offered as a mechanical machine in the branches of this operator.

If you absolutely want to take a seat at a physical roulette table, you are dependent on the roulette tournaments that regularly take place there.

Participation is free, and you have a chance to win great prizes.

If you are not into tournaments, the only other option you have is to move to Holland Casino, or online of course.

After all, in the live casino you can play live roulette and many different variants.

At Play-In Casino you can choose from, for example, the well-known Megastar machines, they cannot be overlooked.

Megstar machines are quite large round tables, with an x ​​number of seats around them - so multi-players!

In the middle of it, space is made available for the roulette wheel, which is protected by a transparent cover.

Once all players have placed their bets via the digital screen, the roulette ball is shot onto the wheel fully automatically.

casino Rules For Let It Ride Blackjack

One of the oldest casino games you can play with this operator is blackjack. This dead simple card game offers a big dose of excitement.

It is the intention that, with the cards that you receive from the dealer, you eventually end up exactly at the point total of 21.

For this you need to know that the Jack, Queen and King are each worth 10 points. The Ace stands for 1 or 11 points.

The values ​​of the numbered cards 2 to 10 correspond to the number they possess. So if you can do simple additions, you can also quickly master blackjack.

Think carefully whether after your first two received cards you go for a third or fourth.

If the point total exceeds 21, you automatically lose from the bank. That makes blackjack pretty exciting to play.

Play-In Casino offers blackjack in tournament form, to make it extra interesting. You then compete against other blackjack players.

When exactly these tournaments take place and where, it is best to inquire in the gambling hall itself, or to check any flyers present here.

casino Rules For Let It Ride Poker

Perhaps you dream of following in the footsteps of Andrew Feldman, Chris Ferguson or our very own Fatima Moreira de Melo.

Only few people can become a true professional poker player.

Fortunately, pulling the winnings at a real poker tournament from Play-In Casino is a lot bigger. That is, if you can put on an inscrutable poker face and master the rules perfectly.

Learning to play poker well takes a lot of self-study. In any case, you should know that it is a real card game, that you play with several people.

Everyone has their own cards, whose values ​​and suits you have to keep hidden from the others. Whoever has the best poker hand eventually wins the game and wins the other players' money!

Play-In Casino locations

Loyalty program

While you are pampered extra at Holland Casino when you register as a VIP player, they don't do that at Play-In Casino.

There is no loyalty program, so all players are equal, whether you are a sporadic or frequent guest.

However, the manager regularly organizes attractive promotions and promotions, such as casino Mediterraneo Alicante Zona Pokers and bingo and blackjack evenings, with which great prizes are waiting for you.

But to find out exactly what these look like, when they take place and how you can participate in them, you really need to visit a Play-In Casino slot.

A missed opportunity as far as we're concerned, but apparently a conscious move by the owner to make it pretty difficult for you.

casino Rules For Let It Ride Online

Play-In Casino is lagging far behind other online operators. The operator has a heavily outdated website.

At a time when so much is happening digitally and developments are following at a rapid pace, it remains remarkably quiet at Play-In Casino.

If you want to find out the address details of a certain location and do not want to miss out if you decide to visit, then you are dependent on our website for 3 of the locations (that is of course not a punishment!).

Due to the lack of e-mail data, you cannot contact the chain in this way either

You'll have to call the old-fashioned way if you want to know more. They are also unfamiliar with social media. There is no Facebook or Instagram page to consult.

With that, Play-In Casino seems to really focus on the regular group of returning players who know how to find the gambling hall blind, in addition to perhaps some lost tourists.

The only exception is Casino Circus Zandvoort. Here you can read which casino games are offered, how large the range is, what the progressive jackpot position is and, for example, actions that are planned.

You will also find important information about responsible gaming and some explanation of the game. If you do not want to keep visiting the website to stay informed of the latest news, you can subscribe to the digital newsletter.

All in all, it also seems unlikely that Play-In Casino will launch its own online casino in the USA in the long term.

About Play-In Casino

Play-In Casino is part of the Play-In Group and is a company that, if you don't live on the coast in Noord-Holland, may seem unfamiliar to you.

All four Play-In Casino locations are located here, including 3 in the seaside resort of Zandvoort. This concerns Casino Royaal, Play-In Casino and Casino Circus Zandvoort.

If you realize that there are 5 gambling halls in all of Zandvoort, then Play-In Casino has quite a strong market position here too.

Holland Casino and Jackpot games are the only competitors in this tourist attraction.

The last location of this operator (Play-In Casino Amsterdam) is also anything but unattractive, with Amsterdam Central Station as its direct neighbor.

By far the most famous of all is Casino Circus Zandvoort, which stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Both literally and figuratively by the way, because this building cannot be overlooked. In addition to the colorful facade, the immense building of the Dutch flag is particularly striking.

In this branch of Play-In Casino, players are regularly treated to a portion of live entertainment while gambling. But there's more.

It is a place where the whole family (from young to old) can enjoy themselves. Under the same roof there is also a cinema, theater and a large-scale Fun & Games arcade hall (named Familyland).

Play responsibly in Play-In Casino

At Play-In Casino they focus on entertainment and relaxation, but also realize that addiction can lurk.

For starters, players under the age of 18 (and 21 in some establishments) are not welcome in Play-In Casino.

Furthermore, you can assume that they adhere to all regulations and codes imposed by the government.

Think of only employing well-trained employees who have a certificate and who can identify risky behaviour.

If they notice this in someone, a conversation will be started.

On the website of Casino Circus Zandvoort you will also find some important address details of emergency authorities.

You can go here (anonymously) if you are looking for information about gambling addiction, but you can also register immediately if you already realize that you are addicted.

In the latter case, it makes sense to sign up for the Play-In Casino whitelist.

Unlike the black list, where you can be put on by the gambling hall due to unacceptable behavior, you can put yourself on the white list yourself.

You do have to visit an establishment for this, which is a pretty strange rule.

The chance that you don't go straight to the counter, but still be seduced by the slot machines around you, is just very present.


Play-In Casino is a company with a large dose of experience, and has been around for quite a few years already.

They have built up a good name in Zandvoort and Amsterdam, where they have branches. The showpiece of this couple is Casino Circus Zandvoort

At that location you will not only find a gambling hall, but also a cinema, a large arcade hall and funfair-like attractions are organized.

In the gambling halls, the range of games is quite diverse, although it may differ greatly per location

You have to think of the well-known classics and modern slot machines, automatic roulette, poker, blackjack and bingo.

It is good to take into account that physical gaming tables are missing in the branches. Only in Holland Casino you can play standard live table games.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can imagine that you have certain questions about Play-In Casino.

Chances are that these have been asked many times by visitors to our site and that is why we have already answered the most important ones for you below.

Is Play-In Casino safe and fair?

Yes, Play-In Casino only runs reliable slots. These gambling halls are under strict supervision of various organizations, which guarantee you a safe game.

Where is Play-In Casino located?

Only in the province of Noord-Holland you can visit Play-In Casino, of which 3 are in Zandvoort and 1 in Amsterdam. The exact addresses of these branches can be found on our website.

What games can you play in Play-In Casino?

Slots, table games (roulette, blackjack and poker) and bingo can be played here. In total you can play dozens of different games in the branches.

What are the opening hours of Play-In Casino?

Play-In Casino does not have its own website where all opening times are listed. Fortunately, you can find these on our website!


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