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casino Royale James Bond Cast has the logo of a gold-colored lion's head. That makes it look like a traditional Dutch company, but that's a bit different.

The owner has been the German Löwen Play for a number of years, which also has the head of a lion as a recognizable logo.

More colorful and cartoonish, while the one from casino Royale James Bond Cast looks chic.

The manager offers their guests a “varied and exciting range of entertainment in a pleasant atmosphere”.

By the way, casino Royale James Bond Cast only has 8 gambling halls in its portfolio. Casinos can't be called it officially.

Only Holland Casino has that exclusive right as a Dutch state-owned company for the time being, but fortunately an exception is made for gambling!



casino Royale James Bond Cast games

Game offer

The game offer of casino Royale James Bond Cast is not very unique compared to what you can casino Rules For Let It Rides.

You may come across some new machines here and there, but the vast majority consists of the well-known range of slots and table games.

This has made it as accessible as possible for casino lovers. The chance that your favorite game is among the range is very high.

Keep in mind that table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker are not offered live with a croupier.

You are also dependent on the gaming machines for this. That has everything to do with the current rules, which means that physical play is not allowed.

The range of table game machines is a lot more limited than the slot machine offer, but that is normal.

Game makers whose games you will find in casino Royale James Bond Cast are, for example, Eurocoin, Novomatic, Simbaten Merkur.

casino Royale James Bond Cast slots

The casino Royale James Bond Cast slot range depends on the slot you play in.

In Dordrecht, for example, it is a small gambling hall, and therefore with a more limited supply, while other locations such as Almere, Noordwijk and Beverwijk are much larger.

The majority of the available slots consist of the really classic games, in the form of slot machines. You can recognize them by the fruits on the reels.

Typically these include cherries, lemons, watermelons, oranges, etc. They are often supplemented with BARs, Liberty Bells and Lucky 7s.

These slot machines are available in both single and multiplayer variants.

Curious about the most popular casino Royale James Bond Cast slots? That list is quite long, but includes:

The super-modern Games Unlimited devices (from Merkur) have now become an integral part of the playing floor at casino Royale James Bond Cast.

These are machines that offer a large number of slot games in one fell swoop.

So you can just sit on your chair, while you have the option to start another game over and over again.

Mystery Jackpots

In casino Royale James Bond Cast you can also go for jackpot slots. These are called 'Mystery Jackpots' in casino Royale James Bond Cast.

The chance to win a jackpot prize is simple, because certain slot machines (with a sticker) are linked to it.

If you play paid on one of these machines, you might just win more than $1.000.

By the way, every branch has its own jackpot. If you want to know what the position is, or where you have a chance to win the highest prize of all, visit the website of the relevant location.

casino Royale James Bond Cast blackjack

As a real slot casino, blackjack cannot be played live at casino Royale James Bond Cast.

If you do indicate your preference, then it will be nice to know that there is a small exception, in the form of special promotional blackjack tournaments.

Do you want to know where and when these are on the schedule? You can read all about it on the Play World website.

Would you like to play a blackjack machine or live blackjack, but you are not very familiar with this yet?

No problem, because blackjack is really super easy to learn. You just need to be able to do simple additions and know the card values.

Ideally, with the cards received from the dealer you are playing against, you should arrive at exactly 21 points.

Getting as close to it as possible and beating the bank with that highest value will also give you a win.

If you just go over this number, you have lost anyway. That makes blackjack very exciting to play.

Do you like to play blackjack and would you rather not wait for a casino Royale James Bond Cast blackjack tournament?? Then you can always play blackjack online.

In addition, you can also play various game variants in a good online casino, such as Power Blackjack and Infinite Blackjack!

casino Royale James Bond Cast Roulette

A gambling hall is not complete without having at least one roulette machine.

For example, in casino Royale James Bond Cast you can go to the Roulette Ministar device, which consists of a certain number of seats.

Each participant has their own computer screen in front of them. The roulette wheel is placed in the middle of the table.

Once everyone has selected his or her bet, the ball is automatically fired onto the wheel. The space it lands on determines the outcome of that round.

Playing roulette it is possible to apply many tactics. If you want to keep it as simple as possible, choose a 50/50 bet or just one number.

Roulette Tournaments at casino Royale James Bond Cast

At casino Royale James Bond Cast it is unfortunately not possible to play roulette at a physical table with a croupier. That certainly doesn't mean you should miss this experience.

You can regularly participate in this popular card game in tournaments, but at fully automatic roulette tables.

To top it off, only the final of such a tournament consists of taking a seat behind a physical roulette table.

You can't get any closer to the experience of the roulette game. You play to win the most points, with which you can collect up to a few hundred euros in cash.

For the exact dates, or to register right away, check the casino Royale James Bond Cast website.

casino Royale James Bond Cast poker

If you like to play poker (Texas Hold'em No Limit) the real old school way, you can participate in the newly created casino Royale James Bond Cast Poker Championships for free.

They follow the roulette tournaments that have been known for a long time.

It consists of 6 preliminary rounds divided over various locations, with the final national final at one of the Play World locations.

And of course you are not only fighting for eternal fame, but also for attractive prizes, the values ​​of which go up to $4.000.

If you want to play poker without having to put on your best poker face, you can also just walk into a casino Royale James Bond Cast location to play video poker.

An ideal way to learn poker (better) and the goal is the same: to get the best poker hand.

casino Royale James Bond Cast locations

Loyalty program

At the time of writing, it is not (yet) possible to use a loyalty program as a loyal player. It is unclear whether this will change in the future.

However, by regularly organizing fun events, promotions and promotions, casino Royale James Bond Cast does a lot to bind players.

For example, there are the Las Vegas weeks, where you can win a trip to Sin City, or you can participate in the super exciting Gold Fever. Beautiful prizes can also be won with this, such as a real gold bar.

You will also regularly receive a blackjack scratch card when you visit casino Royale James Bond Cast, with which you can earn cash prizes. In short, as a player you do not lack anything in that regard.

casino Royale James Bond Cast Online

The range of casino Royale James Bond Cast cannot be played online yet. That does not mean that Löwen Play is also inactive online.

They already have an online casino under their own name (Löwen Play Online with a .de extension), where you will already find an immense range of slots from the most famous reputable developers.

Think Merkur, Amatic, Big Time Gaming, Microgaming and casino Boulevard Vincent Auriol 75013kick.

That is actually quite striking, because online gambling is not yet fully regulated in Germany. There is, however, a tolerance policy for foreign operators.

A salient detail is that our eastern neighbors have already legalized online gambling, but have reversed this after not too long.

Online providers with a license in their pocket were nevertheless allowed to continue with their practices, while new licenses are not being issued for the time being.

Löwen Play probably just fell with his nose in the butter.

It is expected that casino Royale James Bond Cast will acquire an online casino from 2021 and will also open its doors to the Dutch.

About casino Royale James Bond Cast

casino Royale James Bond Cast operated in the distant past under the name 'Casino of the World'

Today it is owned by the German Löwen Play, which in turn falls under Safari Holding Gmbh.

Löwen Play is active in both Germany and our own little country, with headquarters in Bingen Am Rein.

The company we now know as Löwen Play was founded in 1949 under the name Löwen Automaten.

From 1981 they started operating arcades, which has been done since 1990 as Löwen Play.

They now have a total of more than 400 different gambling locations, where a total of 2.800 employees have a job. The CEO of the mega concern is Tilman Brauch.

It doesn't seem very logical that Löwen Play has moved to our own country to take over gambling halls. Why have they not fully focused on the German market only?

That is actually quite simple to explain, namely that operating physical gambling halls at our eastern neighbors is made quite difficult by the government.

The requirements are strict and are also being tightened further. This makes it less and less profitable for operators.

casino Royale James Bond Cast itself can be visited in our country at eight different locations, spread over the provinces of Flevoland, North Holland, South Holland, Brabant and Limburg.

To discover what each of the gambling halls has to offer, you can already discover the establishment of your choice with the help of a cool virtual HD tour on their website.

This way you get an impression of the entrance of the building, the size and you can "walk" along the range at your leisure.

Once you actually physically visit a casino Royale James Bond Cast slot, chances are that you will already feel a bit at home there.

You will not find much information on the website of this provider for the time being. Only the location addresses, opening hours, jackpot positions and some other practical information can be found on it.

Play responsibly at casino Royale James Bond Cast

On the website of casino Royale James Bond Cast they make it clear that playing games of chance is not child's play, as they call it themselves.

That means there are risks involved. That is why they also pay attention to preventing a gambling addiction, or to take the right action if you are already a gambling addict.

To help you keep the paid play of their range fun, casino Royale James Bond Cast has some important tips to help you with that, in addition to being able to do an online self-test.

If you find it too difficult to limit yourself, you can apply for a voluntary access ban. This can be done at any casino Royale James Bond Cast location or by using the online contact form.

You will then be banned from entering a gambling hall of casino Royale James Bond Cast for a period of 6 months. If you want to extend this afterwards, you must submit an application again.

If your (gaming) behavior gets out of hand to such an extent that employees of casino Royale James Bond Cast find that it is really no longer possible to do this, you can be imposed a forced gaming ban.

You can also always consult a casino Royale James Bond Cast employee if you need help on the spot. They have had the right training to be able to help you with this.


casino Royale James Bond Cast has 8 branches, of which the owner is the German Löwen Play.

Characteristic is the lion's head, which you can recognize all gambling halls within their file. It focuses on offering a variety of games, a good dose of entertainment and a pleasant atmosphere.

Basically the standard ingredients that you want to benefit from as a player.

The range of casino Royale James Bond Cast consists of a diversity of slot machines and fully automatic table games.

To attract players, it also often organizes fun actions, promotions and blackjack, roulette and poker tournaments.

Löwen Play is already active online, but obviously does not yet have an online casino aimed at the Dutch player under the name of casino Royale James Bond Cast.

That will probably change once casino Royale James Bond Cast gets an online casino license.

If so, then site is the website where you will read about it first!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions from visitors to our site.

Read it especially if you want to visit casino Royale James Bond Cast, so that you are already well prepared.

Is casino Royale James Bond Cast safe and fair?

Yes, casino Royale James Bond Cast is a completely safe and fair casino. The casino is known as reliable and is in possession of all necessary licenses to offer casino games.

Where is casino Royale James Bond Cast located?

casino Royale James Bond Cast can be visited at 8 different locations. You can find the exact address details on our website.

What games can you play at casino Royale James Bond Cast?

For slot machines and table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker you can go to casino Royale James Bond Cast. The range of games is not unique, but very wide!

What are the opening hours of casino Royale James Bond Cast?

The opening hours of each casino Royale James Bond Cast differ. You can find more information about this on our website.


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