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casino Gambline Online Gamings, recognizable by the half apple with stem as logo, is part of Crowntec Beheer BV.

To take a gamble, you have to rely on the only four branches that the group has, all of which are located in the province of Gelderland. These are Winterswijk, Tiel, Arnhem and Zevenaar.

Here are gambling halls that are reminiscent of Las Vegas in miniature, with the well-known zipper of old school and modern slot machines. Offering a nice atmosphere and hospitality are of paramount importance.



casino Gambline Online Gaming games

The game selection of casino Gambline Online Gamings is nice and varied. In terms of playing options and names, it is comparable to the average gambling hall in our country.

For example, there are many slots to be found, from single to multi-player. Multiplayer means that you can play the same game with several players at the same time.

Other multi-players are, for example, the roulette machines. You can only play roulette fully automatically and not with a live dealer as in, for example, the Holland Casino.

Just like in the other renowned gambling halls in our country, you will only find machines from highly regarded game makers here.

These include Merkur, Novomatic, Stakelogic, Reflex Gaming, Eurocoin and Barcrest.

casino Gambline Online Gamings slots

The fixed point is that the range consists almost entirely of slot machines, which are still the most popular theme among slot lovers.

The classic sounds, fruits on the reels and simplicity of the game give the ultimate feeling of nostalgia.

To give you an idea of ​​the most popular slots to play at casino Gambline Online Gamings, they are:

There are also, for example, the ultra-modern Games Unlimited multiplayer, such as Games Unlimited 4, Warp, 3P, 6, Multi 2 and HD.

These are machines that consist of a collection of games. The advantage of this is that you don't have to keep hopping from device to device, but instead you can sit comfortably.

So you don't make unnecessary meters at casino Gambline Online Gamings.

Check the website of the owner if you want to come especially for a certain slot machine.

There you will find the list per casino Gambline Online Gamings location. Otherwise you might come for nothing and that would of course be a shame.

Do the slot machine names already make you dizzy, and do you already suffer from choice stress?

In any case, it is good to know that all machines basically work the same.

Slots consist of an x ​​number of reels (normally 3 - 5), which you move when you place a bet.

If you have managed to form a payline with a set of identical symbols as soon as the reels have come to a stop, you will immediately be paid your winning cash.

The theoretical payout percentage of the slots in casino Gambline Online Gamings is around 85% by the way.

That means that for every $10 bet you get $8.50 back. At least that's the average calculated over thousands or even millions of spins.

Mystery Jackpot

Like many other gambling halls from other operators in our country, you have a chance to win the Mystery Jackpot, worth up to $2 in every casino Gambline Online Gaming location.500.

The amount of this progressive jackpot can be seen in the fortress on a matrix board.

Unfortunately, this is not tracked live on the casino Gambline Online Gamings website.

Compared to online jackpot slots, which you can play in the online casino, these are only small amounts.

Well-known jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune are known to pay out huge prizes, which in some cases can amount to millions of euros.

casino Gambline Online Gamings Blackjack

Did you know that blackjack first appeared in a novel in the 16th century?

The card game as we know it today has been played in French casinos since the year 1700, where it was called vingt-et-un.

Translated into Dutch, that means 'twenty-one'. And 21 is the most important number in blackjack.

The object of blackjack is to beat your only opponent, the bank. With the cards you have in front of you, you should see that the combined card values ​​are exactly 21 points.

You can also win with a lower number of points, as long as the total is more than the dealer's. If you go over 21, the bank automatically wins.

To play blackjack you depend on promotions organized by casino Gambline Online Gamings, you cannot just sit down at a blackjack table in casino Gambline Online Gaming, because there are none.

If you prefer to always have the opportunity to play blackjack, it is wise to do so in a live casino.

By playing live blackjack you get the most authentic blackjack experience possible, wherever and whenever you want!

casino Gambline Online Gamings Roulette

Although you can't go for live table games at casino Gambline Online Gamings, that doesn't mean you should miss roulette too.

You only have to rely on the fully automatic roulette tables, of which there is at least one in every branch.

They are tables where the roulette wheel is protected under a glass dome and you place your bets using a touchscreen. So ultra modern.

And since it's multiplayer, you can just compete against your friends, colleagues or random strangers.

You should think of devices such as:

Mastering roulette is pretty easy. If you like to keep it as simple as possible, you place a bet on one number, on red/black or a low or high number series.

Once everyone has placed their bet, the roulette ball is automatically shot onto the wheel.

Which square it eventually lands in determines who is the winner of the game. Egg, right?

If the standard live roulette is not challenging enough for you, you can always try your luck via the internet at, for example, Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette.

These are game variants that make the roulette game just that little bit more fun!

casino Gambline Online Gamings poker

Enjoy a game of poker with your friends at a physical table? Unfortunately, that is not possible at casino Gambline Online Gamings.

Playing poker with a croupier for real money is not allowed in our country for those who do not have a license for it. Only Holland Casino has that option as a state casino.

You can play poker here and there at a poker machine (video poker), but those devices are sparse. At least you won't find them in casino Gambline Online Gamings.

Also, the Dutch are generally not really a fan of this form of poker, while this is hot and happening in America.

To learn the card game, such a machine is the appropriate way to do that. You then have nothing to do with having to bluff and you can really focus on only your cards.

If you want to play poker in casino Gambline Online Gamings, you have to wait for a possible promotional campaign that you can participate in.

casino Gambline Online Gaming locations

Loyalty program

Various operators in our country are trying to attract players with special VIP cards. With this you save points, for example, which can be exchanged
for prices.

casino Gambline Online Gamings takes a different approach. They focus on organizing many fun actions and promotions.

The most famous is probably the scratch card that every player receives on arrival as standard.

There is a limit of 1 per day, so visit the gambling hall several times to get multiple scratch cards, so that is not possible.

However, if you visit a casino Gambline Online Gamings location on Saturday or Sunday, there will be 2 scratch cards ready for you.

With those cards you can win free play money, up to $50 per lot. A literally beautiful entrance so.

You can also participate in other promotions, such as the Wheel of Fortune, darts, Dice for Cash, Cash Bonus, bingo and Grabbel for Gold.

Even during special holidays there are always promotions to entertain you.

Curious where you can go and when for which action or promotion? On the website of casino Gambline Online Gamings you will find the current agenda per location.

You will be kept informed via the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram of casino Gambline Online Gaming.

casino Gambline Online Gaming Online

As one of the few in our country, casino Gambline Online Gamings already has experience in offering its own online casino in the USA.

In 2017, it started an online casino variant of their physical gambling halls.

Too bad for the Dutch players, because only gambling fanatics from Germany, England and the Scandinavian countries could indulge themselves here.

Before that, it was licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

In the online casino of the Big Apple you will find (almost) all known casino games, from slot machines to even live casino games, the latter of which came from none other than Evolution Gaming.

Only poker was not possible. You could go there for a large number of slots from renowned names such as Netent, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, Playson and Nextgen.

In total, the range consisted of no fewer than 30 different software developers, which in total were good for about 500 casino games.

Striking: playing the offer for free was not possible. So you could only participate with real money, where you also had to take the welcome bonus.

The online casino even charged a fee of $ 2.50 on every payout, there were payout limits per week and you could wait for days until the money was actually in your account. Really a success formula.

Since the end of 2019, the online casino of Big Apple has been taken off the air, because the profit figures were very disappointing and the costs were too high.

In that respect, the collaboration with Progress Play was not a very good choice, which was responsible for the above negatives.

Also around that time a problem arose with the Maltese Satabank, which many online casinos used.

The Malta Financial Service Authority (MFSA) has frozen the accounts, temporarily preventing players from being paid out by the Big Apple.

Despite the fact that casino Gambline Online Gamings has a nice dose of experience, it is not expected that it will take a shot at an online casino license in the future.

The climate in our country is not so favorable for smaller providers, of which this operator is one.

In addition, it does not make sense that they could run a Dutch online casino profitably and not internationally.

They will have to let big names such as goa Casino Online Play and Holland Casino pass them by.

The website of casino Gambline Online Gamings can be visited anyway if you are looking for information about the physical gambling halls.

You won't find much on that by the way. It concerns the address details of the various branches, current promotions, the house rules and very concise information about responsible gaming.

Finally, it is clearly stated which slot machines can be played in which location.

About casino Gambline Online Gaming

casino Gambline Online Gamings falls under the company Big Apple Slot Machines BV. In turn, they are part of Crowntek Beheer BV, which has its head office in Duiven.

When you think of 'The Big Apple', you probably immediately see the American city of New York.

It's not entirely clear why New York gets its nickname - there are several explanations circulating - but it is certain that it is now synonymous with the place to be.

That is probably also the reason that the owner has chosen this eye-catching name, complete with half an apple as a logo.

You just don't have much choice if you want to visit casino Gambline Online Gamings. This is only possible in Arnhem, Tiel, Zevenaar and Winterswijk.

By the way, the latter is called casino Atlanta No Deposit Bonus, which you can easily confuse with the casino Atlanta No Deposit Bonus branches of the Janshen-Hahnrats Group, but has absolutely no link with it.

They are all located in the province of Gelderland. Until not so long ago you could also go to Lelystad to take a gamble, but this establishment had to close its doors due to problems with the municipal permit.

To get an idea of ​​what the gambling halls look like and what you can expect there, there are 360° photos of each location to view on the website.

Very nice, that all just doesn't work. You regularly stare at the ceiling or the floor if you want to do a digital round manually.

Play responsibly at casino Gambline Online Gaming

Compared to other operators, the available information about responsible gaming at casino Gambline Online Gamings is very limited.

There is really nothing more to be found on the site than 'for some players games of chance entail risks'. This does not mean that the operator does not pay attention to this.

You can assume that preventing gambling addiction is the top priority at casino Gambline Online Gamings. Why? This is because providers of games of chance have a legal duty of care.

This means, for example, that the employees of the gambling halls must have followed an addiction prevention course.

The focus is on recognizing risky gaming behaviour. So you can rest assured that the staff will keep a close eye on customers and start a chat with them if necessary.

If you are curious about your gaming behavior, you can click through to a self-test via the casino Gambline Online Gamings site.

Based on the results, you can determine for yourself whether you run a little or a lot of risk by visiting the gambling hall.

If you already know that it is difficult for you to control yourself while playing, it is possible to add yourself to the blacklist at casino Gambline Online Gamings.

With this you can no longer enter the branches for a certain number of months. A tad special is that you have to visit a casino Gambline Online Gamings gambling hall to arrange this.

If necessary, casino Gambline Online Gamings can also impose an entrance ban on you in the event of unacceptable behavior.

Furthermore, there is an age limit of at least 18 years. In Zevenaar and Winterswijk you must be at least 21 years old to enter.


casino Gambline Online Gamings has gambling halls spread over 4 locations in the province of Gelderland.

These are Zevenaar, Tiel, Winterswijk and Arnhem. They are all part of Crowntec Beheer.

You've come to the right place if you want to gamble on one of the many slot machines, including slots and table games (such as roulette).

For now, you can only play table games fully automatically. We are waiting for the amendment of the legislation, which will legalize the offering of live table games.

casino Gambline Online Gaming makes visiting their branches as attractive as possible by regularly organizing promotions and promotions.

One of them is that every visitor receives a scratch card on arrival. With this you can win free play money, up to $50. You always benefit from this as standard at every casino Gambline Online Gamings slot.

It is not expected that casino Gambline Online Gamings will attempt to obtain an online casino license in order to be able to offer online casino games.

The operator already set up an online casino in 2017, but it was taken off the air again at the end of 2019 due to money problems.

If you want to visit a physical gambling hall of casino Gambline Online Gamings, you can do so from 18 or 21 years, depending on the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about casino Gambline Online Gamings? Visitors to our site often have the same questions they want answered.

We have highlighted the most important ones for you below.

Is casino Gambline Online Gamings safe and fair?

Yes, casino Gambline Online Gaming is a safe and fair casino and you can rest assured that you will only be dealing here with fair and safe play. This is because this is a reputable operator.

Where is casino Gambline Online Gamings located?

You can go to casino Gambline Online Gamings at 4 locations, namely in Winterswijk, Tiel, Arnhem and Zevenaar

What Games Can You Play in casino Gambline Online Gamings?

Mainly slots, such as slot machines. There are also fully automatic roulette machines. In the past, casino Gambline Online Gaming also had its own online casino, offering over 500 games.

What are the opening hours of casino Gambline Online Gamings?

The opening times per location can be found on the casino Gambline Online Gamings website. You can also find them on our own website.


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