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Casino Sugarland review & experiences

Casino Suikerland is a household name in Arnhem and has been around for more than 30 years, but is a lot less known nationally.

From the outset, the operator has only operated one location, namely on the Suikerstraat, located in the middle of a residential area.

It is a real family business, in the hands of father and son Klein. In the gambling hall you will experience, in addition to a wide range of slot machines, above-average hospitality.

Although the name Casino Suikerland suggests that this is a casino, it is in reality a gambling hall.

In the USA, only the Holland Casino has the right to bear the title 'casino', but an exception is made for gambling halls - hence the large number of casinos in the USA!



casino Closest To Lawrence Ks games

The only location of Casino Suikerland has a diverse and fairly modern game assortment. The total capacity is between 100 and 150 people, which makes the gambling hall quite large.

As usual, you will find a lot of slots here, from machines that immediately ring a bell with seasoned players, to lesser-known machines

Then you should think of a large number of slot machines, with modern video slots in addition. Video slots can be compared a bit with online slots.

Playing live table games is just not possible here. That means there is no croupier leading the game, and you are not dealt any physical cards either. You can't go here for blackjack anyway.

Roulette is a different story. This game of chance is fully digitized and works fully automatically, without really sacrificing anything on the gaming experience, so that you can actually enjoy it authentically.

All in all, there is plenty to discover at Casino Suikerland. By the way, the cabinets that are there are from software developers such as Merkur, Barcrest, Eurocoin and Novomatic.

Casino Sugarland slots

The slot machines of Casino Suikerland actually do not differ, if at all, with those of the average gambling hall in our country.

The range is therefore certainly not unique in its kind, although there will undoubtedly also be machines that you will find in few other places.

In general, if you have played one slot machine, you can actually play them all.

They consist of a reel mechanism - usually 3 - 5 per machine - on which symbols are placed spread over different rows.

If you get a symbol combination (often from 3 of the same symbols) on the screen after giving a pendulum to the reels, you have won.

Exactly how much depends on your bet placed and the value of the symbol type.

What a large group of slot machine enthusiasts come to a gambling hall especially for is to play popular names.

No matter how large the range is - whether it is 25 or 250 slots - there are always fixed titles that score the best. Think of:

Furthermore, Casino Suikerland is clearly moving with the times, because it has also included the Games Unlimited machines in its range.

These are machines where you can play for example Pharao's Gold, Plenty on Twenty, Tiki Island and Treasure Jewels (all from Novomatic).

Not divided over different machines, but to play on one and the same machine.

Mystery Jackpot

Not only do you have a chance to win cash according to the paytable of the machines, but you can also randomly win the Mystery Jackpot.

This is a progressive jackpot, which automatically lands a certain percentage of each player's paid bet.

For example, the jackpot can rise to the legally established $2.500. That won't make you a millionaire, but you can enjoy a holiday, for example.

Casino Sugarland blackjack

If you say blackjack, you say 21. The two are inextricably linked.

The goal of this card game is to arrive (with a large portion of luck) exactly at a total value of 21.

The chance that you will succeed is super small, but it does make blackjack all the more exciting to play. If you win, you will also immediately receive the best possible prize.

You always play blackjack against the bank. You get 2 cards first, just like the dealer himself. Their values ​​are important.

Add them together and let the outcome determine how great the risk is to ask for a 3rd card.

In the end, the winner is not necessarily the one who has reached 21 points, but the one who has more points than his opponent and did not exceed 21.

Lovers of blackjack have little to do in Casino Suikerland. Blackjack is not offered here.

If you live near Casino Suikerland and still feel the need for a game of blackjack, you can try your luck in the live casino.

In the live casino you can play live blackjack and various variants of the game, which have been developed by Evolution Gaming, for example.

Casino Sugarland Roulette

If you like to try your luck at a roulette table, luckily you don't have to stay at home or move to another gambling hall.

Casino Suikerland has not one, but even a large number of 5 roulette machines in proportion.

These are fairly round tables, with a transparent dome in the middle. Each player seat has its own betting screen, with which you can place the usual betting options. Think of a square bet (betting on 1 number) or a 50/50 option (such as black/red).

Once everyone at the fully automatic roulette table has placed their bets, the ball is shot onto the wheel with air pressure.

All eyes are therefore immediately focused on which compartment of the roulette wheel this ball will end up in.

Did you know that many people choose the lucky number 7, the 0 or a number that corresponds to a special day (such as a wedding anniversary or birthday)?

In Casino Suikerland, roulette is offered in the well-known European variant with 1 green area.

In the live casino, in addition to standard live roulette, you can also play game variants such as Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette.

Casino Sugarland Poker

Casino Suikerland does not offer poker. That is not unique, by the way, because no gambling hall in the USA is allowed to offer poker as you know from television.

By the way, organizing poker tournaments is allowed, but even then the operator is bound by all kinds of rules. For example, being able to register for such a tournament should always be free.

If you still want to play poker, then you have to rely on one of the 14 branches of Holland Casino, which is the only one that offers Texas Hold'em, for example.

Poker is by far the most famous card game, for which you need some skills to get the most out of it.

If you have the best poker hand (such as a Royal Flush) in the group after a round of play, you have won.

Casino Sugarland locations

Casino Sugarland Loyalty Program

You cannot get a special VIP Card at Casino Suikerland, because it does not exist here.

You don't have to worry that only one day is the same here. The casino often organizes nice promotions.

For example, you can participate in Dart je Rijk, where you as a visitor have a chance to win free play money.

casino Mediterraneo Alicante Zona Pokers where you can win large flat screen TVs or other electronics are also regularly on the program.

And do you love scratch cards? You will also be offered these during special promotion periods, with which you can just be up to $ 200 richer.

When your favorite promotion is on the program, you can read all about it on the Casino Suikerland website. The Facebook page is also kept up to date.

Casino Sugarland online

There are many casinos in the USA that do not yet have their own online casino. This is mainly because these are not in possession of a license.

There is a good chance that several new online casinos will be added from October 1, 2021, because new licenses will be issued.

Casino Suikerland is far too unknown and too small to get one of the few permits.

Plus, quite a few rules have to be complied with and getting an online license is quite expensive.

Just making an application costs $48.000 and that is also money that you will not see back if your application is rejected.

As far as we know, the operator will only continue to operate their physical gambling hall in the way it has been doing for more than 30 years.

It has now become known that large casinos such as casino Da Povoa Antonio Zambujo, goa Casino Online Play and Winds Casino New Buffalo Michigan will also offer their games online.

About Casino Sugarland

The name of the Arnhem Casino Suikerland suggests that you end up in candy pink candy store upon entering.

That may well be the case for many players, because there is no shortage of choice of machines and promotional actions.

The name of the gambling hall is only based on the street Suikerland, where it has been located since the hall was founded 30+ years ago.

And where you will find the average gambling hall of other operators in the middle of the center or somewhere outside in an industrial area, Casino Suikerland has a really striking location, namely in a residential area. Not on the edge, but completely central.

Casino Suikerland therefore has the function of a kind of community center. So mainly people from the immediate vicinity come here, who can cover the distance on foot or by bicycle.

By the way, there are also excellent free parking options in front of the door, for those who want to come by car.

The Klein family, who run this casino, also own another property right next door (around the corner).

This is a pawn shop, which has been functioning here for several years as a place where you can get cash in exchange for property.

Play responsibly at Casino Suikerland

At Casino Suikerland, the safety of the players is taken into account. The manager makes it clear that winning or losing is always a matter of luck.

So keep in mind that the chances of losing money are greater than winning. After all, the gambling hall also has to be kept running somehow.

When you are completely absorbed in the game, it is difficult to take a close look at your own behavior and to see the consequences.

Then it is good to know that the employees of Casino Suikerland are trained not only to discover possible problem behavior, but also to dare to raise this professionally with the player in question.

The line between just having fun and getting addicted is pretty thin for some.

When you know what to look out for, and what the signals are of deviant behaviour, that is helpful. This concerns, for example:

It's always a good idea to leave your bank card at home anyway. This way you won't be tempted to use more money to be able to play longer.

Also, only play if you feel good about yourself. It's a lot harder to limit yourself when you're not in the best mental state already.

If you are prepared to hit the ground running and to voluntarily put yourself on the white list, you will be banned from Casino Suikerland for 3 - 6 months.

You can't get in then. If you want to extend this period, you can.

The website of Casino Suikerland contains a number of useful links if you want more information or if you prefer to register yourself for the right addiction care.


Where other casinos run multiple branches across the country, they keep it nice and clear at Casino Suikerland.

The operator can only be visited in Arnhem South on the street Suikerland. From here the Klein family has been running this gambling hall for more than 30 years. It is striking that they are located in the middle of a residential area.

The game assortment is pretty standard for a slot machine arcade. A large selection of slot machines (including a range of slot machines) and various fully automatic roulette tables can be played here.

You can also regularly take advantage of promotional actions at Casino Suikerland. The gambling hall is also known as super hospitable and accessible.


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