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Dammers Amusement also known as Dammers Casino, founded by Jan Dammers, has been a household name in Utrecht for many years.

Dammers Amusement currently operates two locations, both of which are located in Utrecht.

These small-scale establishments are mainly visited by the regular clientele, who are not looking for entertainment, but just want to enjoy various casino games.

For more than just taking a gamble on one of the nostalgic slot machines, you should not go to Dammers Automaten.

The company does not have a license to operate casinos. That is why we are talking about gambling halls here, but Dammers Amusement is also popularly referred to as 'Dammers Casino'!



Dammers Amusement games

Where you will find a complete range of games in many gambling halls of other operators in our country, Dammers Amusement approaches this completely differently.

You can only go here to play slots, so table games such as roulette are not offered here.

One of the reasons is that the establishments of this operator are far too small for that, so that a large and unwieldy roulette machine would not even fit.

If slots can't be classic and old-fashioned enough for you, you can really indulge yourself at Dammers Amusement. That's exactly the type of game you'll find here.

Incidentally, it is not the case that the company is not keeping up with the times at all.

If a modern slot machine comes on the market that proves to be very popular with the general public, it will be considered to make room for it.

The machines in the gambling halls are from makers such as Eurocoin, Barcrest, Powerjackpot and grand Forks To Shooting Star Casino – anything but unknown names!

casino Caliente Ensenada B C slots

The slot machines of Dammers Amusement for the most part breathe pure nostalgia.

That means in the first place that you will mainly find slot machines here, and especially Multiplayers.

Multiplayers are multiplayers in which, as the name suggests, several players can participate at the same time. Each and every one of these are also very simplistic.

It's a matter of throwing money in to spin the reels (3 - 5). If you get an identical symbol combination, you win a prize.

You will not find slots such as Book of Ra (from Novomatic) or Games Unlimited devices at Dammers Automaten.

what is? At least you don't have to get bored, because the range is still fairly diverse.

Among these are popular names such as:

Speaking of not just sticking to the old classics: in that regard, the latter in the list of five above is an ultimate example of a more modern slot machine that you will find at Dammers Amusement.

Many of the other operators' gambling halls in the country have a Mystery Jackpot, which varies by location.

This can usually go up to a maximum of $ 2.500. A nice side effect if you play on a device unsuspectingly and you go home with this nice amount of money.

You should definitely not go to Dammers Amusement for Mystery Jackpots (progressive jackpot prizes). Because they don't do that.

casino Caliente Ensenada B C blackjack

For years, blackjack has been one of the most famous and popular table games. Not just in our country, but worldwide

However, offering it is subject to restrictions. For example, you are currently not allowed to play live blackjack in a physical gambling hall in the USA. At least not as part of the standard offer.

However, operators may choose to offer this in a tournament context, but only without having to pay a registration fee.

How often a blackjack tournament can take place, that is again bound by rules. Or you have to stick to relatively small prizes to be won, which most operators opt for.

Dammers Amusement never organizes actions or promotions, so no blackjack tournaments either. They don't even have room for that in the small buildings that the company owns.

If you think that's a shame, then of course you can also try your luck at online blackjack.

There are several online casinos active in the USA, where you can sit down at hundreds of different live blackjack tables.

If you have always wanted to learn how to play blackjack, you can look like a real pro in no time. It is very easy to master this card game inside and out.

With blackjack it is about coming into possession of playing cards whose values ​​add up exactly to 21.

With less than this number of points, you can also beat the bank (which you are playing against), provided that you have a higher point total compared to your only opponent.

casino Caliente Ensenada B C roulette

If you walk into a random gambling hall somewhere in our country, the chance that you will find a fully automatic roulette table there is quite high.

After all, except for Holland Casino, roulette may not be offered as a physical game anywhere, which means that joining a live roulette table with a croupier is not allowed.

So there are special roulette machines, where you can sit at the same time with several players for an old school game.

You place your bet via the screen that belongs to your seat, and then wait for the ball to land on it that is shot onto the wheel with the help of air pressure.

It all probably sounds exciting and fun, but roulette is also not within the standard offer of Dammers Amusement.

If you still want to play roulette, you can always choose to try your luck online.

In addition to the standard live roulette, you can also choose from several game variants in various live casinos.

Live roulette variants that are very popular among the Dutch are for example Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette and Mega Roulette.

casino Caliente Ensenada B C poker

You say casino game, you say poker. Poker is actually inextricably linked to the casino.

With the world famous card game it mainly comes down to a portion of bluffing of the highest order. You have to be able to put on your poker face well to deceive your fellow players.

In addition, you must know the rules of the game down to the last detail and be able to implement them. So it's more than just getting hold of the best poker hand.

If you want to learn how to play poker well, or use your already developed skills by participating in a poker game, unfortunately that is not possible at Dammers Amusement.

Some other gambling hall operators sometimes offer poker tournaments to offer players something extra, but that is not the case at the Dammers Amusement gambling halls.

casino Caliente Ensenada B C locations

Loyalty program

Arcade enthusiasts generally love being able to participate in special promotions and promotions.

Have a free chance to win great prizes, that sounds like music to many players' ears.

In many places you can also get a VIP card, for example, with which you can save for free play money.

Other gambling halls offer visitors scratch cards with which prizes can be won. Or how about promotional blackjack or roulette tournaments or bingo events?

Can't do it all crazy enough for you, unfortunately you're at the wrong place at Dammers Amusement. The operator does not participate in actions and promotions. They've never even done that.

Regularly returning players therefore know where they stand. Every day is the same here.

casino Caliente Ensenada B C online

While other gambling halls in the provincial capital, such as goa Casino Online Play and Fair Play, focus on attracting new players, this is completely unimportant for Dammers Amusement.

The operator doesn't even have a website where you can find important information.

If you want to find out where and when you can visit a Dammers Amusement gambling hall, you have to rely on our website.

You have two options in terms of games, information about combating gambling addiction and discovering the house rules: contacting a branch by telephone or visiting it.

It is unlikely that Dammers Amusement hopes to have a chance of receiving an online gambling license in order to also offer an online casino.

Dammers Amusement likes to keep everything the same.

Owner Michael has already indicated that their establishments will still look exactly the same in 100 years, namely quite dated ¬ – running an online casino does not fit with that.

Even if Dammers Amusement would like to expand its activities to running an online casino, they will have to let their considerably larger and more famous competitors pass by.

About casino Caliente Ensenada B C

Dammers Amusement may be a pretty unknown name nationally, but in Utrecht it's a completely different story.

Founder Jan Dammers started 40+ years ago as a slot machine mechanic at a large operator in our country.

From there he worked his way up and eventually started his own company, which we know as Dammers Amusement.

He still owns it, but now leaves the running of the halls to his two sons.

What is special is that although Dammers Amusement only has two locations, they are both located on the same street in Utrecht, namely on Amsterdamsestraatweg and are a fifteen minute walk from each other.

The one at number 92 is called Jan Dammers Casino Royal and the other at number 385 is known as Jan Dammers Amusement. And thanks to the bright yellow facades, the small-scale gambling halls cannot be overlooked.

The amusement arcades of Dammers Amusement appear very dated in terms of furnishing and offer, but that is part of the business model of the operator.

It is not a Holland Casino with the latest in machines and offering a complete range.

This makes the operator quite distinctive, and has to rely mainly on the permanent group of players that can be found here regularly.

Play responsibly in casino Caliente Ensenada B C

Dammers Amusement has a great focus on preventing gambling addiction.

According to Michael Dammers, one of Jan's sons, the most important thing is that healthy people can enjoy playing here and that starts at the door.

A strict policy is in place, whereby only people from 24 years old are welcome here.

This was deliberately chosen, because research shows that the most vulnerable players are 21 - 24 years old.

To protect players, there is also a maximum amount to be pinned to use as play money.

If you meet the age limit and take a seat at a vending machine, the supervision does not stop yet. The employees are trained to recognize deviant gaming behaviour.

This means that the focus is mainly on recognizing addiction symptoms. Since the majority of visitors are regular customers, it makes it a lot easier to spot these kinds of things.

The player in question will be able to expect a conversation, during which he or she will be informed of his or her behavior.

If necessary, there are authorities in our country that can be referred to.

Not only for finding extra information, but also, for example, to sign up to receive help.

If you would like to know whether you fall into the risk category prior to your possible visit to Dammers Amusement, you will find a simple self-test on the internet.

You will immediately receive the result after completing a few multiple choice questions.


Jan Dammers has been running two gambling halls in the municipality of Utrecht for more than 40 years. Both of these can be visited at the Amsterdamsestraatweg.

It has now become a real family business, because in addition to Jan, both his sons also work for this owner.

The gambling halls of Dammers Amusement are a bit of an odd one out. They are anything but modern and innovative.

In fact, for a portion of pure nostalgia you've come to the right place. The range is quite outdated, but that is completely part of the strategy they follow.

The offer consists only of slots, more specifically, mainly multi-player slots.

Table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker are not offered there, and most likely never will. Even actions and promotions do not take place here.

At Dammers Amusement there is a lot of focus on preventing gambling addiction.

In addition, they not only comply with all legal rules, but they have also introduced a rule on their own that is strictly monitored.

Players are only welcome here from 24 years old and that is quite unique in our country.

In comparison: you can enter most gambling halls and casinos in our country when you are 18 years old.


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