casino 1995 Latino 1 Link

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link review & experiences

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link is originally a family business, which has been engaged in the development of gambling halls in the USA since 1971.

Since 2018, the group has been owned by JVH Gaming & Entertainment, the market leader in operating land-based casinos.

In the total of 16 branches you can not only play all kinds of 'high-profile' games of chance.

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link also offers fully catered entertainment concepts – ideal if you are looking for a fun interpretation of, for example, a staff outing, family party or birthday.

All casino 1995 Latino 1 Link locations are gambling halls. Officially they are not casinos.

It is only the state-owned company Holland Casino that can officially call itself 'casino' in our country, but an exception is currently being made for gambling halls.



casino 1995 Latino 1 Link games

In the gambling halls of casino 1995 Latino 1 Link you will find a large number of casino games, which largely consist of slot machines. But you can also go to Flamingo Csasino for the well-known table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker.

In certain branches there is even a bingo machine, for extra fun. Exactly how large the offer is per location, that differs. Certain branches have even included 200 different slot machines in their range.

Due to the current legislation in the USA, casino 1995 Latino 1 Link is not allowed to offer casino games with a croupier.

Fortunately, that doesn't mean you have to miss it, because you can always take a seat in a fully automatic roulette or blackjack game. Table game tournaments are also regularly organized.

The games to be played in casino 1995 Latino 1 Link come from makers such as Merkur (Games Unlimited), who you may know from the Triple Chance series, Fruitinator and Blazing Star, among others.

Merkur is a well-known name in the land-based casino industry in the USA. Actually, every gambling operator in our country who has quality as a priority has at least a number of games here.

grand Prive Online Casino slots

The slots in grand Prive Online Casino consist of slot machines and “state of the art” slots, as they say themselves. Below is of course the immensely popular Hot Spot, a slot machine that breathes pure nostalgia.

You can also go there for the well-known Twin Player, Multiwinner, Random Bells, Red Green Peppers and Batman.

And if you need variation without having to switch slots every time, you can use the Arcadyon. This slot machine consists of no less than a few dozen different games.

Old-fashioned or ultra-modern, a physical slot machine always consists of a certain role mechanism.

The number of reels is between 3 - 9, depending on the game. Symbols on it. The idea is that you can form winning combinations with it. You have no influence on that yourself, because it is a pure game of chance.

All casino games are linked to a Random Number Generator (RNG), so the outcome is always completely random.

Jackpot slots

To make the casino 1995 Latino 1 Link range even more interesting, several of the slot machines are linked to jackpot prizes.

Think of a roulette jackpot. The prizes to be won at that time are displayed live on a large screen in the branch.

The amount can in any case be different per minute and even per second.

grand Prive Online Casino blackjack

If playing roulette is not for you and you find poker too complicated, you can always play a game of twenty-one.

If you want to play Blackjack in a grand Prive Online Casino location, you can only play on a blackjack machine.

This is done at a fully automatic blackjack table, via a screen. It is therefore not possible to sit at a physical table with a croupier for this card game.

Blackjack is very easy and quick to understand even for those who are not familiar with it. Everything revolves around the number 21.

You have to reach that exact number of points with the values ​​of the received cards.

If you come out exactly at 21, or at least have a higher number of points than your only opponent (the dealer), you have won.

In grand Prive Online Casino you can only play standard blackjack. For fun game variants you will have to opt for live blackjack at a live casino.

grand Prive Online Casino roulette

Roulette is indispensable in a renowned gambling hall such as that of casino 1995 Latino 1 Link. Not only is it one of the oldest casino games, but it is still one of the most popular.

You play roulette at an electronic roulette table. For example, you can go to the Ministar G5 Roulette device, a so-called Multi-Player in which you can participate with several players at the same time.

The Megastar Roulette is also often present, which, like the one above, can usually be found at a central location of the establishment.

The absence of a real croupier does not mean that playing roulette is unreliable.

All roulette machines are under strict control to ensure fair play and are regularly tested.

To play roulette you use a roulette table, roulette wheel and a ball that is shot into the wheel.

That happens after everyone has placed their bets. For example, you can bet that the ball will land on a certain number, or spread your chances of winning by choosing a 50/50 bet. An example of this is red/black.

Each betting option in roulette has its own odds of winning and payout. You can find more information about roulette on our roulette page.

If you really want to play with a croupier, we recommend live roulette!

grand Prive Online Casino poker

Can't wait to use your developed poker skills at a physical gaming table?

You can play poker at grand Prive Online Casino, but it is only possible fully automatically by default.

So here you are also dependent on the available slot machines, in the form of computer-controlled fellow players. That means you can just sit at a table with several people at the same time.

grand Prive Online Casino also organizes poker tournaments quite often, which will probably be music to the ears of poker fans.

Not only does the main prize consist of eternal fame, but there is also a nice cash prize ready for the winner. You will be kept informed of the latest dates and conditions on the website and via social media.

Poker is not a game that you understand inside and out all at once and can immediately apply it flawlessly to your advantage.

Deepening into the rules is important, in addition to gaining a lot of experience. In any case, you play with 2 cards to start with, just like your other opponents

You always hide from your fellow players exactly what they look like.

Also in the middle of the table are 5 cards, but then open and naked. The goal is simple: get the best poker hand.

If you don't have the best cards, you can always bluff your way through the game.

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link locations

Loyalty program

An attractive loyalty program is missing at casino 1995 Latino 1 Link.

They often organize fun actions and promotions. Anyone can participate from 18-21 years. So you don't save for free credits or nice presents with a special VIP card.

Everyone can participate in, for example, the Wheel of Fortune, Crack the Code, slot lotteries and scratch games.

Something that probably comes closest to a loyalty program is being able to collect stamps with a stamp card. This is possible during the indicated promotional period, and is therefore not a standard service.

Each visit to one of the casino 1995 Latino 1 Link slots will then be rewarded with one stamp at a time, giving you the opportunity to win electronics prizes.

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link online

If you want to use the casino 1995 Latino 1 Link range, you are and will remain dependent on the physical offer.

In the future, online gambling will most likely not happen, according to information that is online on the website of casino 1995 Latino 1 Link.

Owner JVH Gaming & Entertainment is already working on an online casino for goa Casino Online Play, the developments of which are already advanced.

It is the best-known formula of the three casino brands they own and of which JVH Gaming plans to be the first to launch an online casino.

Visiting casino 1995 Latino 1 Link online is possible. You will not find a lot of information here, but you will find, for example, which branches there are, what is on the agenda and how they motivate responsible gaming behaviour.

About casino 1995 Latino 1 Link

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link is a company that has been working hard since 1971.

From day one they focus on operating high-quality gambling halls in our country. The focus is not only on offering modern slot machines, but on a complete total experience.

They do not deserve that, because they have now grown into a renowned company, which is even the market leader in North Holland with 11 branches. This means that only five of their gambling halls are located outside this province.

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link in Hoorn is one of those locations in the northern province that has already received a nomination 3 times for “Best Casino in the USA”.

It has not yet won an award, but there is a good chance that this will happen sometime in the coming years.

Some of the casino 1995 Latino 1 Link gambling halls are more distinctive than the rest of the establishments, with four locations in particular standing out.

For example, the casino 1995 Latino 1 Link in Alkmaar is part of the modern Vue Mega Cinema complex and they use a unique cashless system here.

If you would like to try your luck in Emmen in Drenthe, you can visit the casino 1995 Latino 1 Link Emmen entertainment center, where you can take advantage of various packages.

If you are looking for a location in South Holland, then visiting Flamingo's Partycenter Noordwijkerhout might be an option, with more than 750 m2 of fun.

The North Holland casino 1995 Latino 1 Link Zaandam with 2 floors and a super-deluxe restaurant also guarantees a great evening or afternoon out. In short, so many possibilities.

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link has been owned by JVH Gaming since 2018 & Entertainment, which previously acquired goa Casino Online Play and Winds Casino New Buffalo Michigan.

casino 1995 Latino 1 Link is the most recent addition, and was added to the list in 2018.

JVH Gaming has been the market leader in our country in the field of offering slot machine slots for many years, and has existed since 1958. Founder is Jac van Ham, to whom the name JVH also refers.

In total, JVH Gaming & Entertainment no less than 85 gambling halls in our country under his care.

More than 1 . work here.000 hosts and women who serve more than 4 million customers on an annual basis.

Play responsibly at casino 1995 Latino 1 Link

For casino 1995 Latino 1 Link it is important that playing slot machines is done purely for fun. Conviviality is central here.

It's just not easy for everyone to stick to this. The danger of gambling addiction is always lurking.

That is why casino 1995 Latino 1 Link does everything it can to prevent an initially intended visit from resulting in a risky outing.

The responsibility to keep playing within limits of your possibilities always lies with you. To help you with this, casino 1995 Latino 1 Link has prepared practical tips.

The employees of casino 1995 Latino 1 Link have had the right training to keep an eye on players with a view to playing responsibly.

If there is a suspicion that a customer is exhibiting risky gaming behaviour, it is possible that a chat is made with it.

He or she will make you aware of the dangers that lurk and, if desired, refer you to a specific aid agency. It is also always possible to address a host or hostess yourself.

You will also find a self-test on the casino 1995 Latino 1 Link website, you can read how you can apply for an access ban for a period of 6 months and you will find address details of authorities.

The minimum age to enter a casino 1995 Latino 1 Link location is between 18-21 years.

The exact age limit of the location near you can be found on the site.


casino 1995 Latino 1 Link is one of the three success formulas of JVH Gaming & Entertainment, which has owned all 16 branches in our country since 2018.

By far the largest part of this is located in the province of North Holland. Experience is central in all casino 1995 Latino 1 Link gambling halls, although this is more grandiose at one location than at the other.

The halls differ from small-scale with a limited range to large gambling halls such as Flamingo's Partycenter, with 750 m2 and a few hundred slot machines.

You can go there for a range of slot machines, table games and, for example, bingo. These slot machines work completely electronically, with no croupier involved.

For a change, casino 1995 Latino 1 Link also regularly organizes promotions and promotions. Participation in this is free.

For example, you can participate in the Wheel of Fortune, Crack the Code or walk into a casino 1995 Latino 1 Link during 'prize Thursday'.

Playing in one of the gambling halls of this concern is always safe and reliable. casino 1995 Latino 1 Link has a strict policy, also regarding the prevention of gambling addiction. For example, you must be at least 18-21 years old to visit casino 1995 Latino 1 Link.

You will not be able to play the rich offer of casino 1995 Latino 1 Link online. JVH Gaming has no plans to enter the worldwide web with this formula.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find four of the most frequently asked questions, collected thanks to visitors to our website.

Be sure to read these if you decide to visit a casino 1995 Latino 1 Link location for the first time.

Is casino 1995 Latino 1 Link safe?

Yes, casino 1995 Latino 1 Link is a full and fair casino. In addition to the fact that the employees all have the correct paperwork, the gaming machines are subject to strict inspections and regular maintenance takes place.

Where is casino 1995 Latino 1 Link located?

You can walk into a casino 1995 Latino 1 Link at 16 different locations, 11 of which are in North Holland. On our website you can find an overview of all locations.

What games can you play in casino 1995 Latino 1 Link?

Everything from the well-known slots to table games and bingo. Tournaments or promotions are also regularly organized.

What are the opening hours of casino 1995 Latino 1 Link?

The opening hours of the casino 1995 Latino 1 Links differ per location. You can find the opening hours per location on our website.


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